Sheriff supports Alphin without reservation

Published 10:09 am Friday, May 26, 2017

To the Editor:

During the course of my career in public safety, I have rarely publicly commented about candidates seeking elected office. The seat for the 64th district in the House of Delegates, however, necessitates comment.

I am no stranger to contested races for public office. Platforms and party positions have a place in an election. The most important qualifiers, however, are the character traits that a candidate possesses. Integrity and a true concern for the betterment of the community should be at the top of the list. There are many competing interests vying for our elected representative’s ear. The decisions rendered will often have vocal disagreement. That is why the foundation must be strong. That is also why I am unequivocally supporting the candidacy of Rex Alphin for the House of Delegates.

Since my election as Sheriff in 2012, I have worked with Rex and the other Board of Supervisors to cooperatively find solutions facing public safety in Isle of Wight county. Over the past 6-½ years, many challenges were presented. Decisions made previously, required tough choices when it came to funding. Budgets, of course, should be an allocation of a community’s values. At the same time, the “checkbook has to be balanced.” I had a front row seat to the decision-making by the governing body. Rex’s approach has always included a detailed analysis of the issues presented. His thoughtful methodology and deliberate manner is an example all politicians should emulate.

His demeanor and the inclusive way he runs the meetings as the Chair for the Board of Supervisors is but one example as to how Rex conducts the people’s business. Even with extremely contentious issues, Rex always makes accommodation for all sides to present their concerns. I know firsthand that he listens to the varying positions and then makes a decision that represents the best interest of all citizens in the county. His compassion and care for the residents speaks volumes of this man’s character. In this day and time, it is remarkable to find an elected official who does not succumb to the pressures of a special interests. Instead, Rex uses a moral compass that subscribes to the highest tenets of integrity and doing the right thing for the citizens he represents.

It is said that the best predictor of future behavior is the past behavior of a candidate. His intelligence, his thoughtful approach, and his even-handed temperament will be a welcome addition to the House of Delegates. Without any reservation, I am supporting Rex Alphin for the House of Delegates. All of us in Isle of Wight and the entire 64th District will be well served by his election. 

Mark A. Marshall
Isle of Wight County