Raiders make us proud

Published 10:14 am Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The baseball and softball teams of Southampton Academy have each shown they have the proverbial right stuff. This past Saturday, the boys won for the school its third consecutive Division III State Championship, defeating Colonial Heights 6-5. Last Friday, the girls won the state championship in their game, having won over Fuqua 3-1.

Their victories are the result of a lot of practicing, skillful coaching and dedicated playing.

We should note six baseball players in particular: Carter Brittle, Tyler Dodson, Brooks Holland, James Lee, Grant Little and Eric Vaughan. They end their senior year on a high note having contributed mightily to the championship. They were reportedly also unbeaten for three years in a row Conference play.

When softball’s starting pitcher Megan Vincent became injured early in the season, junior Kellie Ferguson stepped up the plate, who more than proved her mettle.

We congratulate the Raiders and commend them for fair and strong playing that brought honor to themselves, their school and Western Tidewater.