Looking forward to voting for Alphin

Published 3:11 pm Saturday, May 20, 2017

To the Editor:

On June 13, I will excitedly be marking my ballot for Rex Alphin for delegate to the 64th District.

Having known Rex all my life, I look at the trustworthiness of this man, the character and standards of this man. He is not a newcomer to the political arena having served for the last six years on the Board of Supervisors and the Isle of Wight Planning Commission.

He has served as director of the Virginia Crop Improvement Association, past chair of the local Southern States Board and has spent eight years on the Virginia Pork Industry Board. His experience in dealing with local issues will enable him to be comfortable in the Richmond House of Delegates setting. He will listen to all sides of the issue and will make his decision based on actual facts and what will be the best for his constituents.

He is a man of integrity, strong moral standards, a love of family and an endearing love for the land and the people who work and live in this District. We need people in Richmond that are truly concerned for the people of this great state and not what best fits his or her agenda.

Rex is that person. Rex believes that to represent a people well, one must know those people and to know those people, one must live among them. Rex has done just that. He doesn’t just “talk the talk” he actually “walks the walk!”

He says it best: “I have learned much through my experiences and have made my fair share of mistakes.

I have learned that most people simply want an opportunity to succeed on a level playing field and, when treated justly, will return such justice. Having lived my life in this place and among these people, it would be an honor to represent the 64th District.”

It will be an honor to have Rex Alphin represent us in the 64th district! I encourage everyone to go to the polls on June 13 and “put an X by Rex” for the future of this great state.

Debbie Braswell