Emily Brewer is a proven leader with an unflawed record

Published 10:39 am Friday, May 19, 2017

To the Editor:

Over the years, I have always known Emily Brewer to be a kind, loyal, and trustworthy friend. When she told me she that she was running for the House of Delegates, I couldn’t have been more excited to support her.

Emily has always fought to protect our conservative values by working hard for Republicans across the Commonwealth. She has held many roles and responsibilities within local committees ensuring our conservative candidates get elected. Emily is a proven leader with an unflawed record and she will take that leadership with her to Richmond. A very unique perspective Emily brings is her passion around adoption and foster care reform. Being adopted at 10 days old, Emily can offer a fresh approach on just not talking about being pro-life, but offering real solutions in regards to the sanctity of life. I certainly also appreciate her work with a local domestic violence shelter which is something very personal to me.

Emily is a listening ear. She does not want to push her own agenda like most politicians; she actually wants to help us! She is the only candidate talking about, and who understands, policy and solutions in this race. I firmly believe that we need someone who is young and energetic that will bring a fresh start and new ideas into the mix in Richmond and the 64th District. I will cast my vote for Emily Brewer in the Republican Primary for Delegate on June 13, and I hope she can count on yours as well.

Sue Bird