Bold predictions for Mother’s Day 2037

Published 10:29 am Monday, May 15, 2017

by Danny Tyree

Whether it’s a matter of hardwired instincts or dutifully handed-down rituals, we can all nod our heads and acknowledge that there are certain statements or behaviors that are typical of almost all mothers.

Even in another 20 years, Mother’s Day will still bring to mind universally recognized traditions. But technology, economic conditions and social mores will bring subtle variations in the way mothers express themselves.

Some mothers will take disciplinary matters into their own hands, but others will continue to punt to their husbands.  (“You’re really in trouble, young man. Just wait until your father reconnects to the Matrix!”)

Sometimes authorities even more fearsome than Dad will be invoked. (“As long as you’re living under MY roof, you’ll obey the rules of the One World globalist government.”)

Children’s caterwauling expressions of fear, anger and disappointment may be dealt with a little differently in the geopolitical world of 2037. (“Stop your crying right now or I’ll GIVE you something to catch your tears in so we can re-process them and maybe survive this water crisis.”)

As consumers continue to copy the daring fashions of Golden Globe nominees, it will be reflected in parent-child confrontations. (“You’re not leaving this house wearing THAT, young lady. I need it to tie up the sandwich bread bag.”)

Moms will still be proud of their offspring, but regulatory overkill will make it harder to show it. (“I’d love to put your crayon drawing on the refrigerator door, but the mandatory government sugar and sodium warnings take up all the room.”)

Advances in cosmetology may also change the nature of keepsakes. (“No, I didn’t have your baby shoes bronzed, but I did have my stretch marks bronzed…”)

Moms will still embarrass their kids in front of their friends.  (“You’re going to see ‘Fast & Furious 24’? Is that about David’s first two dozen diapers?”)

Piles of dirty laundry and dirty dishes will still be something for mothers to deal with. (“Clean your room! This place looks like a plant-based, laboratory-grown meat substitute lives here!”)

Issues of an aging population will not go away. (“You’re the oldest and should know better – and should also appear before the Death Panel first and make room for the younger ones.”)

Elon Musk and other space-travel proponents will give little white lies a fresh twist. (“You can’t find Spot the dog? Oh, he has just gone to Mars to frolic. Rabies and tire tread marks are actually an advantage up there…”)

Science will also render some parental concerns less monumental. (“Don’t put that in your mouth! You don’t know WHERE it has been! What? Thanks to Google Earth and geocaching apps you DO know where it has been? Carry on.”)

Mothers will continue to lose sleep over the well-being of their traveling kids; but if the current trend toward mayhem continues, stereotypical phrases will take on a more macabre tone. (“Be sure to suicide-bomb as soon as you get there. Just so I’ll know you arrived safely.”)

Yes, two decades from now, mothers will still say puzzling, hypocritical and aggravating things. They will also still love us and will still utter sweet observations like, “

Remember, you’ll always be my baby. Or the clone of my baby. Or the brain of my baby’s clone transferred into an immortal robot body. Or something like that. Somebody kiss my brain and make it feel better!”

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