Bulldogs demonstrate their learning

Published 9:38 am Friday, May 12, 2017

The Expo for Deeper Learning continued at Carrsville Elementary on Wednesday as third through fifth grade Bulldogs presented their research in topics ranging from bats and mosquitoes to gardens and rain barrels. Along they way, the students demonstrated their creativity, cooperation, communication skills, collaboration and even citizenship.

Did you know, for example, that male mosquitoes are useful because they help to pollinate flowers just as bees and butterflies? That bats consume insects? Those are just a couple of useful tidbits the students discovered and shared with classmates, teachers and parents that evening.

In the cafeteria, Takaria Saunders, Gabriella Putman and Isabella Merritt were among the students who collected facts, stories and even memorabilia highlighting the history of Carrsville.

Outside, Robert Hernholm, Brady Stephenson, Kaiden Putman and Cheyenne Sutton showed the steps and reasons for making a rain barrel. Robert said the water collected in these containers is actually better for gardens than tap water.

Behind the school, Jordan Starnes, Jayton Presson and Hailey Bandy brought water lilies and pads, recycled items and flowers that naturally repel insects and other pests.

Students such as Trevelyan Zakari Flood, Avery Alyssa Rose, Gabriel Robert Harkins Rose, Amelia Pulley and Tess Blough shared the stories they wrote for a school book, “Our Tiny, But Huge Viewpoints,” which featured critters such as crickets and frogs recounting their journey to Jamestown in 1606. Each student not only wrote several drafts before the final story, but also got to include their own illustrations. Hardback copies of the book can be ordered for $29.97 via www.lulu.com. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Jamestown Settlement.