Land transfers

Published 10:07 am Monday, May 8, 2017

The following land transfers were recorded in the Southampton Circuit Court for the month of April.

Freedom Mortgage Corporation to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Franklin City 201 Willis Road, $0.

Otis S. Teague to Sun Ki Lee, Franklin City Lot 8 Section I Wynnwood, $200,000.

Cyrus J. Sears to Denise Y. Stokes, Franklin City, $90,000.

Benjamin B. Powell to John Nicholas Moegenberg, Franklin City, $209,000.

Fannie Mae to Daniel L. Olson, Franklin City 502 Clay St., $23,000.

Fannie Mae to Weinburg Properties LLC, Franklin City 714-716 Bolling St., $30,500.

R. Edward Railey III to Jennifer D. Railey, Franklin City two parcels, $0.

Margaret J. Gayle to Shenail N. Jones, Franklin City Lot 21 W.H. Scott Lots Rebecca St., $147,000.

Myrtle C. Lewis, $0.

Terra Abstract Virginia Inc. to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, Franklin City Trust Inst. #080001874, $59,384.

Atlantic Trustee Services LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Franklin City Trust Instrument #150000322, $155,492.

Kirk C. Deleonardo to Kirk C. Deleonardo, Franklin Town Clay St., $0.

Carrington Mortgage Services to Ildefonso Mendiola, Franklin City Lot 83 P.R. Camp Subdivision, $32,000.

Jacqueline Jacobs to Anton Weaver, Franklin City 803 Fair St., $0.

Jennette F. Boone to Roger Reginald Boone, Franklin City, $0.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Zachery S. Williams, Berlin Ivor Dist., $80,000.

Scott A. Edwards to Cory Sackett, Courtland Town Lot 207 Shands Estate Section 3, $180,000.

Robert L. Owens to Terry L. Owens, Franklin Dist., $0.

BDDH Properties LLC to Rashaun Todd, Southampton County, $195,500.

Russell Harold Hatter, Real Estate Aff. For Russell Hatter, $0.

Connie C. Whitehead to Augustuc Eugene Whitehead, Boykins Dist., $0.

Branch Banking and Trust Company to Stelle Family Enterprises Inc., Newsoms Town $60,000.

David K. Britt to Martinette Properties LLC, Courtland Town, $1,500.

David K. Britt to Virginia Collections Co. Inc., Boykins Dist., $1,500.

David K. Britt to Martinette Properties LLC, Southampton County, $1,500.

David K. Britt to Susan A. Joyner, Boykins Dist., $1,500.

David K. Britt to Martinette Properties LLC, Southampton County, $1,500.

David K. Britt to Martinette Properties LLC, Courtland Town, $1,500.

Carl R. Eason Jr. to Zachary S. Miller, Jerusalem Dist., $139,000.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Hannah Stiglitz, Boykins Dist., $10,000.

Freeman J. Harrell Tr. to Freeman J. Harrell, Franklin City, $0.

Freeman J. Harrell Successor to Freeman J. Harrell, Southampton County multiple parcels, $0.

Bill Turner to Edward O. Baicy Jr., Boykins Dist., $384,000.

Brian Keith Rountree, Qualify Administrator, $0.

Joe Thomas Jordan to Peggy Atkins Jordan, Franklin Dist., $0.

Katherine B. Beale to Christina Marie Beale, Jerusalem Dist. Plat Book 35 page 198, $0.

Stephanie L. Brady to Amanda Lynn Crumpler, Courtland Town, $66,000.

Jason A. Dunn to Blackwater Investment Group, CL 16-576 Ivor Town 8461 Bell Ave., $54,500.

Hunterdale Investments LLC to Amanda Lynn Crumpler, Southampton County Appleton Road, $58,000.

Sandy Creek LLC to Jason D. Vann, Jerusalem Dist. Lot 92 0.98 acres, $200,000.

Milton L. Cox II to ELC Realty LLC, Berlin Ivor Dist. 4.28 acres Lot 2, $21,800.

Milton L. Cox II to ELC Realty LLC, Berlin Ivor Dist. 4.35 acres Lot 4, $7,366.67.

Milton L. Cox II to ELC Realty LLC, Berlin Ivor Dist., 4.35 acres Lot 4, $0.

Milton L. Cox II to ELC Realty LLC, Berlin Ivor Dist. 4.35 acres Lot 4, $0.

Minnie M. Tillery, Probate Will, $0.

David S. Lerner to Blackwater Investment Group, Boykins Dist., 2.28 acres, $0.

Blackwater Investment Group to Scott A. Edwards, Boykins Dist. 2.289 acres, $165,000.

Bronco Federal Credit Union to Laura J. Reason, Boykins Town 2 parcels, $37,500.

Keith A. Bonham to Jeanette M. Silvis, Berlin Ivor Dist., $0.

Skiler Marie Woolfolk to Skiler Marie Cutchins, $0.

Earl Collins Jr. to Russell P. Boes, Southampton County, $45,000.

John Pete Ellis Jr., Record Copy of Will, $0.

Robert R. Blackney, Real Estate Affidavit, $0.

Jamica A. Worrell to Marvin Eugene Bynum, Newsoms Dist., $0.

Samuel I. White P.C. To Federal National Mortgage Association, Trust Instrument #070002430, $117,000.

Edith B. Fekete to Old Hickory Farm LLC, Southampton County 5 parcels, $0.

Sharon W. Thomas to Thadeous E. Joyner III, Berlin Ivor Tucker Swamp Road 2.09 acres, $0.

H.P. Beale and Sons Inc. to C.W. Moore and Sons LLC, Berlin Ivor Dist. 2.51 acres and 1.01 aCRES PB 35 PG 200, $88,000.

Franklin B. Temple Jr. to Franklin B. Temple Jr., Drewryville Dist., $0.

Harvey Ricks to Forrest A. Johnson, Berlin Ivor Dist., $0.

Jill L. Warren, Record Real Estate Affidavit on parcels in So. Co., $0.

Samantha Stepp Briley to Patricia A. and Martin N. Sparks, Jerusalem Dist. Unity Road Lot 16, $224,900.

William S. Wirt Construction Inc. to Herbert M. Johnson Jr., Southampton County Lot 76 Bethel Farms Subdivision, $256,847.

Willis Terrell Switzer to Andrew W. Benson, Jerusalem Dist. Lot 1 0.976 acres, $145,000.

Jackie B. Hicks to Timpthy Wayne Baker, Franklin Dist. 1.1 acres, $0.

Roderick W. Edwards to Edwards Properties Boykins, Boykins Town 3 parcels, $0.

John Barrett Trew to Steven W. Wilkins, Newsoms Dist. 3 parcels, $0.

Richard Livesay to Thomas J. Buehner Jr., Sedley Village 0.451 acres Sycamore Ave., $125,000.

Boykins Town to Janet Gregg Brown, Boykins Town, $5,000.

L.F. Draper Jr. to Lucian F. Draper Jr. Tr., Boykins Dist., $0.

Evelyn F. White to Ramon L. Freeman, Newsoms Town, $0.

Patricia W. Freeman to Ramon L. Freeman, Newsoms Town, $0.

Betty F. Maddrey to Ramon L. Freeman, Newsoms Town, $7,000.

Gregory Scott Edwards to Cody K. Edwards, Drewryville Dist., $65,500.

Agnette Murrell Bynum to Angelnette Murrell Bynum, $0.

Professional Corclosure Corporation to Christiana Trust, Trust Inst. #050001664, $79,050.

Samuel B. Drewry By AIF to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC, $30,067.7

Samuel B. Drewry Jr. to Atlantic Coast ipeline LLC, $16,671.20.

Fiatp Timber LLC to Atlantic Coast Pipeline, $158,302.92.

Fiatp Timber LLC to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC, $7,357.35.

Tamisha Nicole Jones to Candace B. Lankford, Franklin City 611 Oak St., $20,000.

Kenneth M. Brittle to Eric M. Brittle, $0.

Rodger D. Reid, REA for TP 49-21 Interest in, $0.

Nickelous J. Burghess to Jessica Watson, Franklin Dist. Lot 39 Cypress Manor, $139,900.

Alice W. Jones to Timothy C. Jones, Newsoms Dist. 27434 Handsom Road, $0.

Johnnie M. Long to Charlene Long, Franklin Dist. Lot 27 Nottoway Gardens Section One, $0.

Amara Brielle Davis to Amara Brielle Gary, $0.

Wayland Hart Council Jr. to Ryan J. Council, Berlin Ivor Dist., Plat Book 35 page 203, $0.

Michael Grizzard to Emekia S. Artis, Boykins Dist., $0.

Marshall Lashley to Maurice Lashley, Boykins Dist., $0.

Sidney McDowell to Henry Olds, Franklin Dist., $35,000.

Dorothy Bailey Gelhaus, Probate Will, $0.

James C. Arnot to Tidewater Mortgage Services Inc., Inst. #170000261, $0.

Gilbert W. Francis Jr. to Darlene Woodard, Trust Inst. #160002886, $0.