Let’s make government for the people again

Published 8:50 am Wednesday, May 3, 2017

To the Editor:

I am writing today to ask the constituents of the 64th District to vote for Rex Alphin at the polls on June 13.

I have known Rex all my life and can think of no one with the integrity and concern for the people of this district more than Rex. Rex and his sister babysat my sister and me early on. Later in life, he would be my Scout leader and teach many lessons about life, freedom, ethics and God. I know Rex will always do what is right for the citizens of the 64th and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

You know, politics is not a pretty thing. It is no wonder that we find it harder and harder to find good people that are willing to put aside a personal life and enter the fray that is the modern day political process. As an elected representative in Isle of Wight, Rex has always sought out the advice of the people he represents. Can he please everyone all the time? Probably not, as that is the nature of the business. If it was that easy, everyone would want to do it. But he has always sought to do what was best after studying the facts and weighing all the options.

But here is the thing. Washington is full of elected officials that have long forgotten those they represent. To some extent, that has happened in Richmond as well. It is different with Rex. He has roots in this community that run for generations. As a successful business man and community leader, he knows that what he does affects the people not just now, but for future generations. His roots keep him grounded in the people he represents. Rex will not be swayed by the lobbyists and outsiders to do harm to his constituents and his community. Why? This is where he will always return to. And he will want his kids, his grandkids and the generations to come to enjoy the freedoms and great life we grew up with and the generation before us enjoyed.

Vote Rex Alphin for delegate in the 13th, then again in November! Let’s make government for the people again!

Kevin Duck