Voting for Rex Alphin

Published 10:35 am Wednesday, April 19, 2017

To the Editor:

It is with great pleasure that I enthusiastically endorse Rex Alphin to represent the 64th District of the Virginia House of Delegates.

Rex is the only candidate who has local government experience with a proven record of outstanding leadership. He has established a high level of trust within the community, and has exemplified a lifetime of integrity and purest morality.

Characteristics of a good leader come through the day to day interactions with people. While serving on the Isle of Wight Planning Commission and on the Board of Supervisors for the past six years, Rex has demonstrated his commitment to lead with excellence.

He has established a reputation of one who listens to concerns, respects everyone’s opinions, works hard to solve problems, and makes decisions he feels will best serve the people.

Rex has spent his lifetime connecting with local people of the 64th district and has earned a high degree of respect and trust. He supports small businesses and understands the challenges involved, as he has owned three small business, all in the 64th district.

One of his businesses includes his family farm operation, which he has farmed for 40 years. In fact, my husband, Don Carr, worked on the farm for the Alphin family before we were married. Don knows first hand what a hard working, honorable, and respectable man Rex Alphin is. Don is quick to say, “What a great man to send to Richmond. He will certainly be a man we can trust to work hard for the people he represents.”

Rex Alphin is a Christian man, dedicated to conservative values and I am confident that he will represent my voice in Richmond.

I strongly encourage you to get out and vote on June 13th. Vote experience, vote commitment, and vote passion to represent your conservative views. Vote Rex Alphin.

Jackie Carr