A job well done

Published 10:34 am Wednesday, April 19, 2017

For several months, Kelvin Edwards has faced the unenviable task of restoring order to the mess that had become the administration of Franklin’s public schools as its interim superintendent. Over these months, Edwards has approached the task head on, making clear the struggles that faced the division and the steps that would be necessary to clean things up.

He pulled no punches when asked difficult questions. In a situation that cried out for level heads and no-nonsense leadership, Edwards provided both. He inspired confidence in the school board that employs him, the staff that serves alongside him and this newspaper, which covers him.

Fortunately, even with the hiring of the division’s new superintendent, Tamara Sterling, the school board was able to retain Edwards’ services, having promoted him to the rank of assistant superintendent.

Given the high level of confidence the school board has in him, it speaks volumes about her abilities and potential that they still turned over the keys to Ms. Sterling.

Edwards stepped up and provided much needed leadership at a time when Franklin’s schools desperately needed someone to do so. But the rebuilding of this school system is still underway. That Kelvin Edwards will continue to be part of the process is a good sign that things will continue to move in a positive direction.