Flying isn’t what it used to be

Published 10:01 am Friday, April 14, 2017

The news about a United Airlines passenger pulled kicking and screaming off a plane this past weekend has us rethinking about the supposed convenience of flying.

As we understand it, the flight was overbooked and had to make room for four employees who had to get to their destination. Reportedly, volunteers were sought with the accompanying offers of vouchers and hotel stays. No one agreed, and so a computer-picked passengers at random.

That’s when it got ugly. Law enforcement came in to “escort” the chosen passengers, but one man refused saying he was a doctor who had to get to his patients. He didn’t go quietly as the officers picked him and dragged him off. Oh, did we mention he suffered a physical injury, and that there’s video of the debacle? That and so much more you can see for yourself online.

Since then, the airline has gotten much criticism about its overbooking policy and the treatment of passengers to accommodate employees. The CEO’s response of support for the action didn’t help UA’s image.

We suggest people might reconsider flying anywhere and take a car, bus or train instead until UA and other airlines relearn about customer service.