Hunger is a year-round issue

Published 11:04 am Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Early last week, Southampton Academy Upper School helped to feed nearly 16,000 people in other parts of the world. Wearing gloves and hair nets, the students were stationed at tables that variously portioned out rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables and a vitamin packet into bags, which were then weighed, heat-sealed, labeled and boxed for shipping. It should be added that Isle of Wight Academy students did the same project last month, and we imagine both private schools will seriously consider participating on a regular basis.

Also recently, employees of the Bronco Federal Credit Union collected boxes of food that can be distributed by the Franklin Cooperative Ministry. The BFCU is also challenging the community to help collect 10,000 pounds for the local organization. We expect to report on the progress or at least the outcome.

As we see it, the students’ participation teaches that hunger is a global issue, and that the children and young adults need to be aware there are other people in the world that daily struggle with finding enough food to nourish themselves.

The credit union’s efforts are a reminder that hunger is also a local concern that can be tackled here and now.

We hope that you’ll seriously consider giving thought — and a few cans of food — to the matter.