Land transfers

Published 10:04 am Monday, April 10, 2017

southampton county

The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County’s Circuit Court for the month of March.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to DBH Properties LLC, Franklin City Lot 78 Holliknol Section Two, $103,500.

Christopher Councill, $0.

Castle 2016 LLC to Weinberg Properties LLC, Franklin City, $27,900.

Monte Cristo Management LLC to Ronald E. McClenny, Franklin City, $6,000.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Weinberg Properties LLC, Franklin City, $25,000.

Jason N. Kimlick to Dawn M. Worrell, Franklin City, $134,000.

Patricia A. Hutt, $0

Everbank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Franklin City Lot 104 West End, $185,366.71

Virginia Housing Development to CAO Investments LLC, Franklin City Lot 1 Resubdivision Pretlow Farms, $36,201.

Fargo Properties LC to James Chesley Beale III, Franklin City Barrett Street, $16,400.

Blackwater Investment Group to Hamilton A. Morgan Jr., Franklin City 706 West Second Avenue, $84,900.

Wesley Franklin Wills, $0.

Juan Boone to Fort Hale Investments II LLC, Franklin City, $0.

Willie Junior Cannon Sr., $0.

Equity Trustees LLC to Federal National Mortgage, Inst #080003318, $31,000.

Jesse Claudie Thomas, $0.

Clinton L. Scott to Bronco Federal Credit Union, Franklin City Trust Inst. #080003658, $60,000.

Habitat for Humanity of South to Ore Builders LLC, Franklin City, $20,000.

Cindy D. Drewry to David Chap, Franklin City 328 Old Sedley Road, $150,000.

Alvin J. Blow to Church Eternal Life, Franklin City 102 West Barrett Avenue, $165,000.

Kelly Leggett Bowers to Hunterdale Investments LLC, Franklin City, $0.

Barbara B. Fowler to Floyd Stephen Fowler, Franklin City Lot 21, $0.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Aaron R. Rickerson, Franklin City 337 Robinhood Road, $85,000.

Samuel C. Cotton to Bobby Cutchins LLC, 119 West Fourth Avenue Franklin City, $55,000.

Robert B. Hill Tr. to Rural Dev elopment, Trust Inst. #060003248, $32,460.

Carter A. Smith Tr. to Virginia Electric and Power Co., Boykins Dist., $0.

Samuel I. White PC to Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc., Inst. #130000495, $137,180.

Donna R. Stanworth to Dickie W. Reid, $0

Fannie Mae to John and Kelly Houlihan, Newsoms Dist. 33183 Statesville Road, Road, $79,500.

Michael Anthony Bynum to Marvin Eugene Bynum, Newsoms Dist., $0.

Robert M. Clarke to Robert M. Clark, Berlin Ivor Dist. Wakefield Road, $0.

David J. Power to Ronald D. and Kathleen Slusher, Berlin Ivor Dist. Lot 1 Sadler Crossing Section One, $82,582.

Eric M. Brittle to Kenneth M. Brittle, Southampton County, $0.

Dennis Sledge to Sammatha V. Jones, Newsoms Town, $0.

Ricky R. Gurganus to Gurganus Farms LLC, Capron Dist. 2 Parcels, $0.

Ricky R. Gurganus to Long Hours LLC, Capron Dist. Multiple Parcels, $0

Ross O. McLeod to Charles H. Smith, Capron Dist. Lot 8, $215,500.

R.W. Tyler and Associates LTD to Yasmeen M. Almesri, Southampton County Lot Section 4 Regency Estates, $37,000.

Kathryn Mayfield Powell Lynch to Kathryn Mayfield Lynch, $0.

Sandra and Jeffrey Vann to Emerson B. Kitchen Jr., Jerusalem Dist., $0.

Denise C. Harcum to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC, Franklin Dist., $16,250.

Juanita H. Cotton to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC, Franklin Dist., $6,500.

Deborah K. and Billy G. Sutton, Capron Dist., $0

Kevin M. and Katie S. Lackey to Virginia Electric and Power Co., Capron Dist., $0.

Jesse E. Stieh to Ernest Lauren Xavier Stieh, Jerusalem Dist., $0.

Edith B. Brittle to Richard and Angela Edwards, Jerusalem Dist., $180,240.

Bain Enterprises LC to Ivor Enterprises LLC, Ivor Town Multiple Parcels, $125,000

Surety Trustees LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Inst. #140000649, $184,710.

Gloria Tucker Eley, $0.

Milton L. Eley to Milton L. Eley, Berlin Ivor Dist., $0.

Eula Fekete to Emerson B. Kitchen Jr., Inst. #140000401, $0.

Carter A. Smith to Browns Mobile Sales of Murfeesboro, Capron Dist. 2.7 acres, $153,855.

Brian Davis to Lender Select Mortgage Group, $0.

Beverly G. Stephenson to Christopher N. Howell, Berlin Ivor Dist. 16.68 acres, $25,000.

William C. Bailey Sr. to William C. Bailey Jr., Newsoms Dist., $0.

William C. Bailey Sr. to Brad M. Bailey, Franklin Dist. 2 Parcels, $0.

Ronald B. Cornwell to Christopher D. Cornwell, Berlin Ivor Dist. Plat Book 35 Page 194, $0.

Sarah Blackburn Jones to Dorothy Elizabeth Worton, Drewryville Dist., $0.

Marcellus A. Mobley to Latoya S. Darden, Capron Dist. Lot 3, $150,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to David S. Lerner, Boykins Town 33216 Pine Crest Drive, $130,000.

Tillar Estates LLC to H. Grayson Mitchell, Drewryville Dist., $175,000.

Michael W. Mahanes to Deatons House LLC, Boykins Town, $25,000.

Charlotte Lowe Hohman, Probate will and AFN, $0.

Darlene Edwards to Darlene Boone, $0.

Maricole Alethea Jones to Maricole Alethea Wright, $0.

Martin L. Gerald to Daniel F. Bowman II, Jerusalem Dist. Drake Road, $273,000.

Sarah B. Day Tr. to William B. Day, 43.5 acres Capron Dist., $0.

William W. Day to Charles D. Felts, 43.5 acres Capron Dist., $117,140.

William W. Day to Charles D. Felts, 51 acres Capron Dist., $110,160.

William D. Day to Virginia M. Smith, 85.59 acres Capron Dist., $135,000.

William W. Day to Two Jakes LLC, 50.61 acres Capron Dist., $137,700.

William W. Day to Clifford S. Fox, Capron Dist 2 Parcels, $270,000.

Helen Joyner to Homezelle B. Chambers, Jerusalem Dist., $0.

Patrick Owen Brady Jr. to Stephanie L. Brady, Courtland Town 22253 Linden Street, $0.

Dorothy Clark, $0.

Dennis W. Overby to Dennis W. Overby, 1.44 acres in Boykins Dist., $0.

Yvonne Parker Claiborne to Yvonne Benton Parker, $0.

Tyler O. Artis to Lester J. Artis, Capron Dist., $0.

Tammy Branche Lowe to Tammy Branche Lowe, Franklin Dist. 18041 Harris Road, $0.

Raymond Davis Bryant, $0.

Wayne N. Lankford to Jason D. Trail, Jerusalem Dist., $135,000.

Edith O. Long, $0.

Christopher D. Cornwell to James Robert Whitescarver II, Jerusalem Dist., $355,000.

Emily Overholser Gruber to Michael J. Marks, 107.65 acres Capron Dist., $231,894.

Ryan H. Ballinger to Ryan H. Ballinger, Ivor Town, $0.

Elmo Morris Fowler, $0.

Jeff L. Rouse to Nancy B. Pettet, Newsoms Dist., $0.

Wanda S. Covington to Joe T. Long, Capron Dist., $159,000.

Latavia Aleshia Picot to Latavia Aleshia Eley, $0.

Evans and Bryant PLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Trust Inst. #100001338 Mod Inst. #160000937 St Inst. #160002530, $118,255.04.

Samuel I. White PC to PNC Bank National Association, Trust Inst. #090002490, $98,829.

Horace Edwin Riddick, Real Estate Affidavit 2 Parcels in So. Co., $0.

Betty Jean Revels Lambdin, Record Will and Qual. Executor, $0.

Benita Lee Ballentine to Ben S. and Dorothy G. Lee, Parcel 1 4.43 acres Drewryville Dist. Parcel 2 45.74 acres Drewryville Dist., $0.

Blanche V. Whitehead to Jaclyn L. Bishop, Branchville Dist. 2.608 acres Lot 1, $93,000.

Cedric Blake Bryant, $0.

Tiller Estates LLC to Grace E. Childers, Drewryville Village Palt Book 35 Page 197, $30,000.

Westervelt Land and Timber LLC to Virginia Electric and Power Co., Courtland Town, $0.

Warren H. Story to Virginia Electric and Power Co., Courtland Town, $0.

Westervelt Timber LLC to John H. Stephenson III, Capron Dist., $0.

Michael E. Hastings to LSCG Fund 19-1 LLC, Trust Inst. #130002969, $93,950.

Irma Francis Heath, Record will Qualify Exec., $0.

Earl Kei th Edwards to Jeremy L. Clinton, Jerusalem Dist. Lot 1 Darden Estates, $265,000.

Lois M. Artis, Record Real Estate Aff., $0.

Jerry Butler Chitwood to Mark Landon Chitwood, Berlin Ivor Dist. 2 Parcels, $0.

Sandra O. Sawyer to Kathy O. Camp, Franklin Dist., $0.