Rex Alphin has positive qualities needed in General Assembly

Published 10:42 am Wednesday, March 29, 2017

To the Editor:

I would like to take the opportunity and privilege to express my thoughts on Rex Alphin running for the 64th District in the Va. House of Delegates. I have known Mr. Alphin my whole life and have always known him to be an honest, earnest and very trustworthy man. Of course we should expect that of every man who aspires to political office and he delivers that and much more. As a fellow farmer I have seen firsthand how he has used his practical common sense and has demonstrated his ability to adapt to changing business times. A good example of such is when several years ago grain prices were low and margins of profit even tighter he literally walked the grain off his farm in little piglets. Actually he drove them off in a converted school bus. He bought a hardware store in Windsor and turned it into a customer service first oriented business that continues to thrive with new owners.

Another character trait that is rarely seen in politics today is his meekness. In today’s society meekness is often confused with weakness. In case you didn’t know, being meek is having strength in reserve. A wise man will never reveal his full capacity until a situation calls upon its need. I have no doubt if elected he will use his wisdom, experience and knowledge in representing the people all the while remaining true to his values that he has consistently demonstrated his whole life.

I can’t help but to think that he is the type of man that the framers of our government had in mind when they laid the foundation of our government. A man driven to office not for power, but the chance to represent what his constituents think and diligently pursuing that while remaining firm in his values and convictions. Let us put this man in office so he may be a voice in Richmond that reminds our legislatures that the government is of the people and this is what the 64th District thinks.

John Byrum