Academics merit recognition

Published 9:49 am Friday, March 24, 2017

Two stories that we just published highlight how students who put their minds and hands to work not only obtain new knowledge, but also recognition for what they’ve learned and achieved.

Members of the Franklin High School 1610 Blackwater Robotics team realized that all those late nights of cooperation, collaboration and construction of their robot paid off. The team recently won a regional competition in Portsmouth, which will enable it to participate at the state event early next month in Richmond. Robotics requires and encourages learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Perhaps one day some of these builders will find a fulfilling life in a STEM-related career, which could in turn enrich our own lives.

Later this month, a Southampton Academy student will take his place as a semifinalist in the Virginia National Geographic State Bee. Knox Butler, an eighth grader, will demonstrate how much he’s learned about a topic that’s too often overlooked: Geography. While it might not have the same appeal as building robots, the subject remains an important one to be taught in schools. Students learn not only the names and locations of other cities, countries and continents, but also their individual history and significance.

We with both the Blackwater Robotics and Knox Butler the best in their respective contests.