Schools too focused on tests, not real world skills

Published 10:21 am Wednesday, March 22, 2017

To the Editor:
After reading your article, “Isle of Wight school division hosts community discussion on future,” [Friday, March 17] I believe many of the things you stated.

First, I feel schools are too focused on preparing students for SOL’s and not the real world. Being someone who just recently graduated from high school I see this first hand. In school we learned things at a very fast pace just to prepare us for the tests we had to take. If students were taught more on how to prepare for college and life I feel they would be much more focused.

I also feel that children are not learning to communicate properly, they would much rather use their phone and Emojis instead of taking the time to talk to their family and friends. Schools should do something such as adding more public speaking opportunities, giving more chances for students to interact with each other and so on.

Ashley Rife