Reading Mark for Lent

Published 10:04 am Monday, March 20, 2017

by Andrew Book

The season of Lent (March 1 – April 15 this year) is a great time to focus on growing your life of faith and practices of faith. At Courtland United Methodist Church, we are focusing on the theme of “Get Rooted.” We are exploring several faith practices (you can see more at if you are interested), but the entire church will be reading small sections of the Gospel of Mark each day so we can get through the entire book during Lent. We would like to invite you to join us. Below are some tips for reading and a daily reading plan.

If you need a copy of Mark, look online at or call our church office at 653-2240 and we will be happy to mail you one!

Tips for reading:

• Before you read, set aside any “goals” you have for reading and open yourself to what God might want to say to you. Offer this simple prayer: “Lord, here I am to listen. Speak to me your words of life!”

• Plan time in your day to read. The readings are not long, so 10-15 minutes is sufficient, but 20 minutes will give you more time to reflect and chew on the words you read.

• As you read, do not rush. It is better to sit with a single verse of scripture for five minutes (if that is all the time you have) than to rush to “finish” the reading.

• Handle the scripture gently. Don’t force it to mean something you want it to say. Instead, simply listen.

• As you read the passage, make a note of any verses that stand out to you. Come back and re-read these verses a few times. “Chew on” these passages by meditating on what they mean and savor what they are saying!

• Pray the text. Read it to God and lift to God in prayer those people and situations which come to mind as you read.

• Live the text. As you meditate on Scripture, ask “How does this shape my life?” Consider what actions God is inviting you to take in response to these words.


Saturday, March 18: Mark 8:22-38

Sunday, March 19: Mark 9:1-13

Monday, March 20: Mark 9:14-29

Tuesday, March 21: Mark 9:30-50

Wednesday, March 22: Mark 10:1-16

Thursday, March 23: Mark 10:17-34

Friday, March 24: Mark 10:35-52

Saturday, March 25: Mark 11:1-14

Sunday, March 26: Mark 11:15-33

Monday, March 27: Mark 12:1-12

Tuesday, March 28: Mark 12:13-27

Wednesday, March 29: Mark 12:28-44

Thursday, March 30: Mark 13:1-20

Friday, March 31: Mark 13:21-37

Saturday, April 1: Mark 14:1-26

Sunday, April 2: Mark 14:27-42

Monday, April 3: Mark 14:43-72

Tuesday, April 4: Mark 15:1-15

Wednesday, April 5: Mark:16-32

Thursday, April 6: Mark 15:33-47

Friday, April 7: Mark 16:1-8

Saturday, April 8: Mark 16:9:20

Sunday, April 9: Mark 11:1-33

Monday, April 10: Mark 12:17

Tuesday, April 11: Mark 12:18-34

Wednesday, April 12: Mark 13:1-37

Thursday, April 13: Mark 14:1-72

Friday, April 14: Mark 15:1-47

Saturday, April 15: No reading. Be still

Sunday, April 16: Mark 16:1-20

ANDREW BOOK is the pastor of Courtland United Methodist Church. He can be contacted at 653-2240 or