Proper training, quick thinking

Published 10:13 am Monday, March 20, 2017

We are reassured that the Southampton County Public School Division has properly trained its bus drivers on how to respond during accidents and other crises.

This was made evident on Wednesday afternoon when a truck ran into the back of a bus while at a stop on Route 58 westbound near Medicine Springs Road.

As seven-year veteran Angela Matthews reported to her supervisors, she saw the truck coming in her rearview mirror and immediately realized it wasn’t going to stop or move away. Calling out to the students, they braced themselves for impact.

Though understandably dazed, her training immediately came into focus and she quickly and safely got the children away from the damaged bus.

First responders, likewise correctly trained, soon came on the scene and attended to all people involved.

So, too, did school administration and other personnel jump in to offer assistance on their end. The crisis manual was consulted to guide everyone to proper action.

This situation could have been much, much worse. Any number of scenarios could have occurred, but fortunately they didn’t happen.

Instead, all involved showed the crucial importance of training and, of course, efficiently responding to the situation at hand.