Life brought down to scale

Published 10:37 am Monday, March 20, 2017

Using just popsicle sticks, straws, cardboard and other everyday items, Ford Fox created the J.T. Barham & Co. feed and supply store in Capron.

“My dad and I go there on work days at the farm (Fox Farm),” he said, adding that they’ll pick up Pepsis and nabs as well.

Ford Fox made this model of J.T. Barham & Co. feed and supply store. –Stephen H. Cowles | The Tidewater News

The store was once located on Old Bellfield Road back in the 1890s.

Adding to the realism of the vignette, as art teacher Pattie Forbes called it, Fox photocopied old deeds from the courthouse and pasted them on the back. He included vintage advertisements as well.

Other students also created unique dioramas. Grant Little made a tasty-looking Dairy Queen. Hannah Dodson did a derelict building. Rachel Smiley a ceremonial Japanese gate, and Dalton Creasey a study in a magician or wizard’s study.

Emily Joyner made a little house that would make Martha Stewart proud. There was even a garden, complete with harvested carrots.