We’ll get through this

Published 10:24 am Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Stupid groundhog.

Just when we were getting excited about our early spring, the groundhog in Pennsylvania turns out to have been right.

We should have known it was too good to be true.

With temperatures that reached into the 80s during February, folks around here were lulled into what seems to have been a premature sense of having left behind the cold winter days. This week’s weather will have reminded us all that winter is not officially over in Hampton Roads until Mother Nature says it’s over.

And that, apparently, is going to take at least another week or so.

The National Weather Service is calling for overnight low temperatures to drop into the low 20s for the rest of the week, meaning that everyone who got tricked into setting their plants out and putting their sweaters away will need to scramble to undo the preparations they had made for warm weather.

Strawberries could be at risk, and we can’t think of a better reason for Punxsatawney Phil to get his comeuppance.

We’re not likely to see the snowpacolypse that is on tap for the Northeast, and students should not get their hopes up for more snow days, but winter is well and truly still here, nonetheless.

Put on a sweatshirt, turn the heat back up, stoke a fire and think warm thoughts. We’ll get through this together.