Hunt club hunting down trash

Published 11:50 am Friday, March 3, 2017

The developing plan for the Community Hunt Club in Carrsville to adopt a road in town and periodically clean litter is obviously worthy. This is even more commendable by the group’s intention to keep an eye on five other streets as well. We hope all members involved will be able to regularly maintain their sweeps.

They are also urged not to become disheartened when they see — sooner or later — that more litterbugs decided Carrsville was the place to throw out their trash. We could scold such people who dwell among us — yet again — but that’s largely lost on them because such individuals never think these editorials are about their thoughtlessness.

Meantime, other civic and social organizations in Western Tidewater are encouraged to form similar clean-up projects and join with others to make the region a cleaner and more attractive place in which to visit and live.