Stepping into a new location

Published 10:15 am Friday, February 3, 2017

by Ashley Cotton

Franklin Southampton Economic Development is happy to announce the graduation of Stepping Stones Counseling Services from the Franklin Business Center program to a new office space in Downtown Franklin.

Stepping Stones Counseling Services is a private practice counseling firm that has been in operation since May of 2010. The firm is ran by a group of passionate clinicians that are dedicated to providing professional counseling, psychological assessments and consultation services to their clients.

Brenda Davis, owner of Stepping Stones Counseling Services, said, “The assistance provided by the Franklin Business Center has been paramount in my ability to open and expand. If it wasn’t for the program, Stepping Stones Counseling Services would not exist today. Franklin Business Center provided excellent resources, affordable office space, shared internet access and equipment, which were great tools to make it easier for me to concentrate on the overall growth of Stepping Stones Counseling Services.”

Brenda is a perfect example of someone who utilized the flexibility of the Franklin Business Center in multiple ways. She started with a single office and before graduating she was able to occupy three office spaces so that her business could grow. She also was able to offer flexible appointments for her clients including evening appointments because of the structure of the facility’s hours. It was a pleasure to work with Brenda and her staff while here and during their transition. We are thrilled they chose to locate in Downtown Franklin.

Property owner Mike Smith said, “I keep Franklin Southampton Economic Development staff up to date on vacant real estate I own so I was able to work with them when they had a potential graduate looking to move from the Franklin Business Center to Downtown Franklin. I was excited to help Stepping Stones Counseling Services get into a local office so they can still provide for the Franklin Southampton community.”

Franklin Southampton Economic Development is excited to celebrate this successful graduation from the Franklin Business Center and we look forward to watching Stepping Stones Counseling Services grow here and be successful in our local community. Join us in congratulating Stepping Stones Counseling Services on their great success and hard work!

Stepping Stones Counseling Services can be reached at 516-7886, and their new location is 105 W. 1st Ave, Franklin, VA 23851.

If you are interested in starting or expanding your business in the Franklin Business Center, call 562-1958 for more information.

ASHLEY COTTON is the Marketing and Existing Business Manager for Franklin Southampton Economic Development.