Fantasy football league concludes with new champ

Published 10:02 am Friday, February 3, 2017

by Frank A. Davis

The fourth annual Franklin Parks and Recreation Fantasy Football League has come to a close. The kickoff started with the drafting of over 150 NFL players to the culmination of the league by crowning our 2016-2017 Fantasy Football Champion, Tony Clark.

The league started in 2013 with a few of the residents of Franklin that were really interested in Fantasy Football. Most of them had never played before and had no idea of what was involved. Since the inception of the league, the owners have grown to become very knowledgeable about it.

Each year the league commissioner has received questions and suggestions, who are reviewed and voted on by the other owners to deem if they will be advantageous to the league. This shows that the owners are vested and having a great time.

This year’s league champion, Clark has been a part of the league since 2014 and has visited the league championship before, when he was defeated in a close match-up, and had since vowed to return and avenge his loss.

“I have been playing fantasy football for 23 years and have never been able to win the “ring,” said Clark when asked how long he has been playing. “My son and I are huge fans of Fantasy; he would call me many times throughout the day inquiring, ‘Dad, how are we doing!? Are we winning!?’ This made playing Fantasy even more fun for me.”

The league is a Points Per Reception league and in the last few years it ranges from 10 to 14 owners per league. Each differentiation in ownership can drastically change the strategy in how researching, drafting and even week-to-week rosters are assembled.

Many of the owners are avid traders and waiver wire “experts.”

The difference in a great season and a mediocre season can rest on the ability to manipulate free agency. Many owners have won weekly games and even championships due to last-minute pick-ups to supplement their rosters.