Franklin school board attends orientation at Capital Conference

Published 9:37 am Friday, January 27, 2017

The newly appointed members of the Franklin City School Board traveled to the Richmond Marriott on Tuesday to attend orientation sessions during the 2017 Virginia School Boards Association’s Capital Conference.

According to Bob Holt, the recently elected chairman of Franklin’s school board, the board members did not attend the conference itself, but he and the board’s newly-elected vice chair, Dr. Andrea Hall-Leonard, participated an orientation session for new chairpersons, while first-time board members Ron Rusnak, Rebecca Jester and Amy Phillips attended a seminar for new board members.

Holt added that Franklin City Public Schools Interim Superintendent Kelvin Edwards Sr, accompanied the board on uts trip and attended an orientation for new superintendents.

“It was pretty much an orientation for everybody,” Holt said.