Let’s not take law enforcers for granted

Published 9:44 am Friday, January 13, 2017

We would have written this salute last weekend, but the impending snowstorm was on everyone’s collective mind. Truth to tell, we also quite simply forgot that Monday was National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

How did that happen?

Probably for the same reason that people collectively seem to forget to periodically thank their local police officers or deputies. Perhaps as with electrical and VDOT crews, we’ve come to expect they’ll always be on the job. Indeed they are, but their services are all too often taken for granted.

That being said, it’s just a matter of our remembering to show gratitude for what law enforcement does to keep us safe.

The includes not only pursuing and arresting threatening suspects, but also enforcing rules of the road, such as removing drivers under the influence from damaging property or hurting and killing people, including even themselves.

Further, as the paper has documented over and over through the decades, our police and deputies have gone out of their way countless time to save lives or help people with broken-down cars or contribute to someone’s welfare during the holidays.

Western Tidewater is quite fortunate to have the women and men willing to put themselves at risk of danger or fatality. We would do well to regularly make it a point to thank them.