Land transfers

Published 10:06 am Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Isle of Wight County

The following land transfers were recorded in Isle of Wight County’s Circuit Court in October.

Carlos E. Verdaguer to William A. Ketcham, Parcel Cockes Lane-T/S, $170,000.

Daniel C. Williamson to Carrie A. Smith, Lot 19 Poplar Harbor-N/D, $307,000.

Ore Builders LLC to Jeremy Spires, Lot 295 Ph 2 Founders Pointe, $800,000.

Lynn Cupp to Lynn S. Cupp Tr., Lot 80 Sec 2 Waterford Oaks, $0.

Michael E. Russell to Michael E. Russell Tr., 1.23 acres Betty L. Duncan et al Prop-H/D, Mill Swamp Road, $0.

Jessica Minor to John R. Soles, Lot 15 Sec 6 Carl Beale Prop-T/S, $225,000.

Chevita L. Wilkerson to Larry E. Simmons Sr., 0.37 acres Rt. 616 adj Carrie Duck Prop, $0.

Fred E. Atchley Jr. to Fred E. Atchley Jr., Tower lease Atchley Prop-W/D, $0.

Adam R. Sassi to Adam R. Sassi, 11.7 acres Thomas Woods Trail-H/D, $0.

Ryond Hutchinson to Benjamin P. Holmberg, Lot 7 Sec 1 Moone Plantation-T/S, $231,900.

Eleanor P. Schwartz to Donna P. Outland, 1.169 acres Lot 4 W.M. Camp Jr. Prop-W/D, $150,000.

E.R. Lenz Contracting Inc. to George W. Spady Jr., Lot 308 Ph 3A Founders Pointe-N/D, $570,000.

Charles T. More to Randal Lee Moore, Lot 11 Aberdeen Shores, $125,000.

Sasser Construction LC to Christopher D. Maroules, Lot 300 Ph 3A Founders Pointe-N/D, $630,010.

Paul S. Porter to Madeline Walker, Lot 16 Sec 17 Red Pont Heights-T/S, $0.

Paul S. Porter to Madeline Walker, 5 acres Carl Beale Sr. Prop-N/D, $0.

John R. Grant to Gary William Grant, Lot 127 Sec 1 Carsbrooke, $0.