Land transfers

Published 11:50 am Saturday, December 31, 2016

Isle of Wight County

The following land transfers were recorded in Isle of Wight County Circuit Court in September.

Eric S. Edwards to Gilberto J. Londono, Lot 118 Tr 2 Ph 4 Eagle Harbor, $343,000.

Jerry L. Pendleton to Austin Reid Jennings, Lot 130 Ph 3 Wellington Park-T/S, $300,000.

Sasser Construction LC to Jeffrey T. Terwilliger, Lot 214 Ph 2 Sec 2D4 Founders Pointe-N/D, $439,900.

Danette Wilson to Lawrence A. Wilson, Lot 26 Sec 1 Smithfield Heights-N/D, $0.

Martha B. Moore to Stevie N. Schackmuth, 4.44 acres Martha B. Moore Prop-N/D, $131,000.

Secretary of Veterans to Monitra Smith, Unit Br Bldg 3000 Ph 27 Bridgewater, $170,500.

Amanda Brooke Brock to Steven A. White, 6.48 acres Family Prop Orbit Road-N/D, $275,000.

Loretta Scott Jarrett to Arnetta Jane Scott, Lot 9 Sec 1 Sandy Mount Manor-N/D, $0.

Arnetta Jane Scott to Loretta Scott Jarrett, Lot 9 Sec 1 Sandy Mount Manor-N/D, $0.

Janet E. Overstreet to Donald Marois, 5 acres #6 W. Bernard Owen Prop-N/D, $320,000.

Charles J. Caton to Daniel W. Rodgers, Lot 12 Walnut Ridge Farm-H/D, $340,000.

Wilbert Thomas to Custom Builders Express LLC, Lot Prop Wilbert Thomas-H/D, $30,000.

Aconcagua Holdings Inc. to Panels Services LLC, Par A International Paper Inc. Prop-W/D Lse, $1,200,000.

  1. Carl Gilmore to W. Carl Gilmore, 100 acres Rt 258 Adj Elton Munford Prop-H/D, $0.

Fannie Mae to John M. Diefenbacher, Unit 1005 Bldg 1000 Ph 5 Bridgewater, $145,000.

Carole S. Boone to H. Lindsay Boone Jr., Lot 13 Sec 2 Kings Landing-H/D, $0.

NVR Inc. to Bryan H. Fly, Lot 72 Ph 2B Benn’s Grant, $326,700.

Holland Meadows Inc. to Ambrose Brown, Lot 27 Holland Meadows Ph 1-T/W, $254,025.

Commonwealth Trustee to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Unit Dr Bldg 200 Ph 26 Bridgewater, $128,454.

Eagle Harbor LLC to Eagle Harbor Homeowners Association, Eagle Harbor Tr 1 Ph 4 and 5 Sec 4C Open Space/Easements, $0.

Eagle Harbor LLC to Eagle Harbor Homeowners Association, Eagle Harbor Tr 1 Ph 5 Open Space/Easements, $0.

Founders Pointe LLC to Founders Pointe Homeowners Association, Founders Pointe Ph 2 Sec 2D-5 Open Space/Easements, $0.

Founders Pointe LLC to Founders Pointe Homeowners Association, Founders Pointe Ph 111-A Open Space/Easements, $0.

J.C. Patterson to J.C. Patterson, Parcels Rt 610-W/D, $0.

James E. Cox to Sean M. Pullen, Lot 10 Sec 16 Red Point Heights-T/S, $260,000.

Marlon Lawson to Arnica Shere Walker, Lot 21 Central Hill-H/D, $0.

Professional Foreclosure to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Inst 09-1417, $49,200.

Smithfield Manor Townhomes to Michael Henik, Lot 20 Smithfield Manor Townhomes-T/S, $213,900.

George Umphlett to Timothy D. Dubois, 1 acre Rt 689-W/D, $136,500.

Chelsey B. Hicks to Chelsey B. Hicks, Interest 1.052 acres Franklin R. Powell Sr. Prop-H/D, $0.

Alan R. Lester to Alan Ray Lester Tr., Lot 11 Sec 2 Waterford Oaks, $0.

EW Benn’s Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lots 316, 317, 318, 319, and 320 Ph 2B Benn’s Grant, $223,950.

Virgil R. Smoot to Michael H. Brooks, 1.52 acres Par A Smoot Prop-N/D, $330,000.

Equity Trustees LLC, SU to Wells Fargo Bank NA, Inst 08-2936, $145,140.

Wanda H. Coffey to Wanda H. Coffey Tr., Lot 66 Sec 5 Moone Plantation-T/S, $0.

NVR Inc. to Andre I. Manuel, Lot 286 Phase 2A Benn’s Grant, $218,278.

Douglas C. Buttner to Virginia J. Longo, Lot 144 Tr 1 Ph 3 Eagle Harbor, $399,900.

William Vick Jr. to John D. Jones, 89.1 acres Plat of S.C. Bell, $215,000.

Custom Builders Express to Richard R. Colvin, Parcel Lorenzo Wells Prop-H/D Tillery Lane, $214,000.

Lisa C. Mayes to Lisa C. Mayes, Inst 11-5077 Lot 35 Ph 5 Gatling Pointe South-N/D, $0.

Kari Van Wassen to Kari Van Wassen, 0.918 acres Lot 1 Mary Williams March Family Prop-W/D, $0.

Mark A. Szalwinski to David Michael White, Lot 9 Watch Harbour-N/D, $85,000.

Elizabeth K. Brot Dolan to Thaddeus Charles Keyt, 2 acres Parcel Adj City of Jorfolk Prop-N/D, $175,500.

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank to Operation Homefront Inc., Diane G. Jones Home Place and Addition-T/W, $0.

Stanley L. Myrick Jr. to Benjamin F. Raynor Jr., Lots 66 and 67 Jamestown-W/D, $115,000.

EW Benn’s Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lot 68 Ph 2B Benn’s Grant, $89,300.

NVR Inc. to Keith Adams, Lot 60 Ph 1A Benn’s Grant, $427,000.

NVR Inc. to Dianna K. Farrell, Lot 290 Ph 2A Benn’s Grant, $247,405.

NVR Inc. to Cody H. Griffey, Lot 288 Ph 2A Benn’s Grant, $228,194.

VA Timberline LLC, 29.7 acres Boundary Lawnes Neck and Fort Hugar Drive-H/D, $0.

Catherine A. Holloway to Town of Smithfield, Lot 31 Pinewood Heights-T/S, $73,000.

Byron Dean Ruble to Byron Dean Ruble Tr., Lot 7 Sec 1C Gatling Pointe South, $0.

NVR Inc. to Cody Holtz, Lot 287 Ph 2A Benn’s Grant, $232,995.

Lewis E. Brooks to CMH Homes Inc., Parcel 1.55 acres Mary E. Jordan Prop-N/D, $42,000.

Smithfield Manor Townhomes to Meghan C. Knowlton, Lot 22 Smithfield manor Ph 1-T/S, $212,900.

Paul D. Jones to Cody G. Harvey, Lot 6 Sec 16 Red Point Heights-T/S, $194,500.

HSBC Bank USA NA Tr. to Kathy Wheeler, Lots 10 and 11 Beaverbrook-W/D, $53,594.

Linda Jean Tynes to Felicia R. Scott, Parcel Muddy Cross, $0.

Linda Jean Tynes to Felicia R. Scott, Parcel Muddy Cross, $0.

Customs Builders Edxpress to Adam T. McManus, 9.931 acres Lot 2 Cecil R. Byrum Sudv Prop-H/D, $268,845.

Kenneth A. Birdsong to Landon Gore, 2195 Carrsville Hwy-W/D, $121,500.

Matthew A. Crump to Mark Cooper, Parcels A and B Old Oak Lane-W/D, $223,000.

Donald Preston Kent to Kevin R. Harden, Lot 242 Tr 2 Ph 6 Eagle Harbor-N/D, $328,000.

Vivian L. Van Selow Tr. to Bruce I. Timins, Lot 18 Gatling Pointe South, $337,000.

Dabney Carr Ne Bowen to Nathaniel Palmer Neblett, Interest 5 acres Adj James River-H/D Rushmere Lse, $43,111.12.

Berkeley Harr Neblett to MacFarland Neblett, Interest 5 acres Adj James River-H/D Rushmere Lse, $43,111.12.

HHJV LLC to Daniel L. Falbe, Lot 26B Ph 1 Church Square, $247,000.

NVR Inc. to Michele M. Timm, Lot 289 Ph 2A Benn’s Grant, $218,041.

Ryan C. Hundley to Micholas A. McFatter, 1.216 acres Lot 2 Wrenns Mill Estates-H/D, $247,200.

Ronald N. Braunhardt to Jeffrey William Miller, Lot 17 Goose Hill Creek-T/S, $565,900.

Tidewater Communications to SBA Towers IX LLC, Parcel Rt 258 Cell Tower-W/D, $167,900.

Secretary of Housing to Andrew William Nolette, 1.86 acres Lot 3 Selma S. Horton Prop-H/D, $118,500.

Kevin A. Crosby to Kevin A. Crosby, Lot 104 Ph 2 Sec 2C Founders Pointe-N/D, $0.

NVR Inc. to Hope K. Reilly, Lots 15 Ph 1A Benn’s Grant, $399,990.

John W. Mahaffey II to John W. Mahaffey II Tr., Lot 11 Sec 1 Moonefield Estates-N/D, $0.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Wells Fargo Bank NA, Lot 18 Blk B Sec 2 Moonefield Estates-T/S, $1.

EW Benn’s Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lots 12 and 53 Ph 1A Benn’s Grant, $198,600.

Tara E. Belle to Tara E. Belle, Lots 44 and 45 Jamestown Annex-W/D, $0.

Paula Mat Cartwright to Leonard Samuel Matthews Sr., Interests Par A and B Church St.-T/W, $0.

Tract 3 LLC to Michael J. Edwards, Unit E Bldg 100 Ph 28 Bridgewater, $139,170.

Brenton E. Wilbun to Albert W. Fiske, Lot 25 Sec 4B Wrenns Mill Estates-H/D, $173,400.

Robert B. Woodruff to Michael D. Artis, Lot 143 Sec 2A Ph 2 Founders Pointe-N/D, $415,000.

Steven W. Williams to Cody L. Johnson, 0.318 acres 4415 Stevens Drive-W/D, $75,000.

Holland Meadows Inc. to Judy C. Contee, Lot 36 Ph 1 Holland Meadows-T/W, $267,859.

Bank of America NA to Jeffrey Plank, Parcel Duke St.-T/W, $117,800.

Daniel A. Longo to Matthew A. Moore, Unit A Bldg 2600 Ph 14 Bridgewater, $155,000.

Betty Anne Crabtree to Sandra E. Edwards, 0.132 acres Add Prop Freeman Mill Drive-W/D, $0.

NVR Inc. to Darryl P.L. Eley, Lot 21 Ph 1A Benn’s Grant, $422,001.

Christopher C. Law to Kenneth R. Prince, 2.12 acres Rt 258 Adj Johnson Prop-H/D, $200,000.

Frank Lynn Jr. to Alton C. Perry, Lot 6 Jamestown Annex-W/D, $17,000.

Selina G. Lawhorn to Selina G. Lawhorn, Unit Br Bldg 2900 Ph 12 Bridgewater, $0.

Stephen B. King to Leonard O. Harris, Lot 7 John B. Grimes Estate JProp-N/D, 387,500.

JCL Properties LLC to Mathew J. Birdsong, Lot 8 Sec 7 Carl Beale Prop-T/S, $194,800.

Timothy D. Jarrell to Benjamin David Hillard, Lot 2 Rt 620 William B. Black Prop-N/D, $145,000.

Wade Mackenstadt to Ruth Anne Rulle, Lot 74 Sec 1A Waterford Oaks, $277,000.

Shannye W. Carroll to David P. Lochtefeld, Par Adj Holloman Lot Rushmere Village-H/D, $70,000.

Annette W. Goodman to Aaron E. Goodman, Lot 172 Jamestown Annex-W/D, $0.

HHJV LLC to Todd M. Rauchenberger, Lot 26A Ph 1 Church Square, $224,900.

Cindy Gonzalez Stevens to Cindy L. Gonzalez Stevens, Lot 70 Ph 2 Edgewood Estates-N/D, $0.

Michael Payne to Michael Payne, 4.023 acres Lot 1 Butterfield Prop-N/D, $0.

Savvy Investment Prop to Scott Bloyd, 0.99 acres Par 1 Earnest O. Harding Prop-H/D, $245,000.

David G. Carroll to David G. Carroll, 1 acre County Lane-W/D, $0.

Cassandra D. Thompson to Ernest Carter, Unit 80 Ph 24 Woodbridge, $245,000.

Arnetta Jane Scott to Loretta Scott Jarrett, Lot 9 Sec 1 Sandy Mount Manor-N/D, $0.