Don’t even think it

Published 10:14 am Friday, December 30, 2016

You know what we mean. Don’t go to your New Year’s Eve party, or parties, thinking a few drinks won’t hurt you — that you know how to handle your booze. You might be able to “handle it,” whatever that really means, but you’ll still have alcohol coursing through your body. That in turn affects sight, sound and motor skills so crucial to driving any kind of vehicle.

True, you might get away with driving under the influence without a scratch or a ticket, but what about the other people on the road? Weaving, speeding or suddenly stopping on the road could impact them — fatally.

We’re not trying to be a killjoy here. In fact, we encourage you to celebrate the end of 2016 and welcome in 2017, but that doesn’t mean alcohol is even necessary. Still, if that’s part and parcel of your good time, just make sure ahead of time that someone else has the keys, and the other person is sober.

As you’ll see on pages A6 and A7, there are local businesses offering opportunities to party. Not coincidentally, there are also towing services letting you know that if you wreck your vehicle, they are available.

If you make only one resolution for 2017, let it be not to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.