Russia freak-out is what happens when Democrats lose

Published 10:20 am Friday, December 16, 2016

Naturally, President Obama called for a review about Russia meddling with the 2016 election.

Of course, there’s no evidence backing Democrats’ original claim that the Russian government hacked the U.S. election, so now they’ve reduced the charges to meddling, and hope no one, including electoral college voters, notice.

Even the pro-Clinton Washington Post admitted that the alleged hackers were “one step removed” from the Russian government. They also acknowledged the possibility that Republicans got a pass because maybe their computers had better security.

What we do know is that Russians did not force Democrats to write damning emails, nor did they coerce Hillary Clinton to set up a private server nor did they strong-arm hard-working Americans in the Rust Belt to come out in droves for Trump. There is no evidence that the Kremlin rigged voting machines or altered vote counts.

However, we do know that an unidentified someone hacked Democrats’ emails which gave Americans the rare opportunity to peak behind the blinds to see the ugly things Democrats do when no one is watching.

For some strange reason, Republicans got a pass. Therefore, the current Democrat freak-out is not about vote rigging or fraud, but that Democrats got to see what it feels like to be a Republican.

So, while Democrats continue their tantrums, maybe the Trump administration will investigate the hacking of Georgia Secretary of State’s office computers which incidentally was not traced to Russia. Apparently, it was an inside-job by the Obama administration’s Department of Homeland Security [DHS].

The office which manages Georgia’s elections claims it suffered 10 interestingly-timed cyberattacks on its network, “traced back to U.S. Department of Homeland Security [DHS] addresses,” reports WSB-TV in Georgia.

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp told the television station the timing of some of the cyberattacks allegedly by DHS occurred when he testified before Congress about his opposition to the Obama administration’s plan to classify state-run election systems as “critical infrastructure.”

Kemp said other attacks coincided with big events like Georgia’s voter registration deadline, the SEC primary, the general primary, and the day before and after the presidential election. Kemp said DHS’ story keeps changing, so he sent a letter asking for President-elect Donald Trump’s assistance after the response he received from DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson left him with more questions than answers.

It’s too bad Obama wasn’t as interested in hacking as he was turning American values on their head. Maybe he could have prevented the huge breach in 2015 at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management [OPM], which stole just about anything an identity thief would like to know about 21.5 million veterans, civilians, federal employees and federal retirees alike. Hackers also stole 5.6 million sets of fingerprints, possibly leaving undercover agents dangerously compromised.

But, apparently, all that is small potatoes now that Hillary lost, so Obama has suddenly sparked an interest in Russian meddling, asking that an investigation be completed before he leaves office.

As if Obama is guiltfree when it comes to meddling. It seems the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations [PSI] found the Obama administration meddled with Israel’s elections when it gave taxpayer money to an organization that changed its name after the grant ran out, then used its resources to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Per the PSI press release: “The State Department ignored warning signs and funded a politically active group in a politically sensitive environment with inadequate safeguards…U.S. taxpayer dollars were used to build a political infrastructure that was deployed…against a leader of our closest ally in the Middle East. American resources should be used to help our allies in the region, not undermine them.”

Maybe it’s time to clean our own house first? Actually, voters did. Therefore, propagating the farfetched misnomer that Russia hacked the 2016 presidential election to favor Trump, has nothing to do with hacking and everything to do with what happens when Democrats lose an election fair-and-square.

SUSAN STAMPER BROWN lives in Alaska and writes about culture, politics and current events. She was selected as one of America’s 50 Best Conservative writers for 2015. Her columns are syndicated by Contact her by Facebook or at