City electoral board thanks officers, staff, voters

Published 11:31 am Wednesday, November 23, 2016

To the Editor:

The results of the General Election are in and Franklin City’s voter turnout was 70 percent. The operation of our polling places went smoothly and it is a tribute to the extraordinary goodwill, discipline, integrity, and devotion of our officers of Election.

These dedicated individuals worked a 16 to 18-hour day to ensure our voting was fair, open, transparent and successful. As Thanksgiving Day nears, please remember your neighbors whose devotion to democracy made this possible.

At the James L. Camp Jr. YMCA precinct, please thank Chief Bonnie Widner, Asst. Chief Pat Ballard, Kirstyn Paige Andrew, Michael Jervey, Nancy Layman, Raquel Jones, Beth Cheatham and Gary Leinart.

At the Ruth Camp Campbell Memorial Library precinct, please thank Chief Paul Kaplan, Asst. Chief Georgia Stainback, Felice Hancock, Cora Burnette, Sylvia Lowe, Nancy Harrell, Brucie Standahl and Britton Culpepper.

At the American Legion precinct, please thank Chief LaVerne Charity, Asst. Chief Sarah Thompasionas, Nadirah Khalifah, Lakeisha Sparks-Lassiter, Fattima Small, Thomas Council III, Linda Dickerson and Ray Morings.

At the Sportsman Association precinct, please thank Chief Nikita Boone, Asst. Chief Vicky Dixon, Tarchelle Benn, Verta Jackson, Gladys Barham, De’Andre Taylor, Dorothy Waters and Jay Gunn.

At the Martin Luther King Jr. Center precinct, please thank Chief Irene Matthews, Asst. Chief Christine Myrick, Brenda B. Jones, Jeanette Austin, Charles Haskins, Bette Cole, Linda Byrse and Bill Banks.

At the St. Jude’s Catholic Church precinct, please thank Chief Sharon Watson, Asst. Chief Welton Deshields, Diane Tobin, Charlene James, Gerry Lewis, Kevin Insull, Mary Insull and Jim Whitley.

At the Central Absentee precinct, please thank Chief Jo Culpepper, Asst. Chief Dan Fowler, Connie House, Audrey Hart, Elaine Wiley and Richell Myrick.

The Franklin City Public Works Department has been an instrumental part of Election Day preparations, and we thank those dedicated staff members.

The City Council and City Administration have continued to provide financial and material support essential to an efficient operation. They all deserve our thanks.

At the very hub of the operation, please thank Director of Elections/General Registrar Jen Maynard, Asst. Registrar Sharon Kasper, and Office Assistants Mary Burgess and Mary Blair. They put in untold extra hours to ensure another successful election.

Last, but certainly not least, we should all extend appreciation to the political parties and their engaged, impassioned supporters who exhibited courtesy and respect to the supporters of the other side throughout Franklin City.

Horace Pierce, chair
Davida Fenner, vice chair
Gwendolyn Blue, secretary
Franklin City Electoral Board