Southampton schools declared fully accredited

Published 11:16 am Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The school board learned on Monday that all the county schools are officially accredited by the Virginia Department of Education. That’s based on results from the Standards of Learning tests done earlier this year.

The benchmarks are 75 percent for English; 70 percent for mathematics, history and science. All schools met or, in most cases, exceeded those levels:

• Capron had 84 percent in English; 86 percent in mathematics; 97 in history; and 82 in science.

• Meherrin had 80 percent in English; 86 percent in mathematics; and 93 percent in both history and science.

• Nottoway had 90 percent in English; 93 percent in mathematics; 98 percent in history; and 90 percent in science.

• Riverdale had 80 percent in English; 84 percent in mathematics; 99 percent in history; and 93 percent in science.

• Southampton Middle had 78 percent in English; 86 percent in mathematics; 93 percent in history; and 89 percent in science.

• Southampton High had 92 percent in English; 97 percent in mathematics; 86 percent in history; 84 percent in science; and 87 percent in the graduation and completion index.

Riverdale had received a letter of congratulations from Steven Staples of the VDOE for the school’s achievement.

Other items from this portion of the meeting:

• The recent SOL Family Fun Fair attendance was estimated to have been about 540 people attending , about 80 more than last year. Assisting with the event were members of the Key and Library clubs and other high schoolers

The Cognitive Abilities Test testing for second and sixth grades will begin today, Nov. 16.

In other matters:

• Supt. Dr. Gwendolyn Shannon announced that student enrollment has gone up by 11 students, making the population at 2,625 students, but that’s not inclusive of preschoolers.

She added that Riverdale had the best attendance of students last month at 97.16 percent, and Principal Will Melbye got to take home that banner of recognition. Meherrin had the best attendance of teachers at 96.03 percent.

• The board had to postpone its discussion and decision about updating the policy for transporting non-resident students. William Worsham had been reportedly unable to confer with Dr. Carolyn Modlin and Florence Reynolds since last month’s meeting on the issue. Reynolds and Lynn Bradley will powwow and give a report in December.

On the subject, Sonya Williams was the first to speak during the public comment. She thanked the board for “allowing her children to attend such a wonderful school system,” and offered to pay more for a bus driver if it could be arranged for continued transportation of two of her three children.

Dr. Rodney Bland, the second speaker, also said that if cost is the issue for his own two children, then he also would be willing to provide more money.

• Modlin presented an update on the board’s self-evaluation, and said that seven members have submitted their responses, which have tabulated. She suggested to arranging a time for discussion.

“3.29 was the average score and went up to 5, Modlin said. “Our board has established a clear vision. We agree with it and know what it is.”

Dr. Deborah Goodwyn, chairwoman, suggested that review be done beginning at 6 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 12.