Personal achievement gives meaning to rewards

Published 11:52 am Saturday, November 12, 2016

Earlier this week, the Isle of Wight County Schools division solidified what it intends to be a tradition for years to come: recognizing and rewarding scholastic achievements.

The gymnasium at Windsor High School on Monday was the site of the second annual Superintendent’s Academic Jacket and All A’s Ceremony. As quickly explained, Dr. James Thornton had started this practice over 18 years ago at other school systems.

Locally, many students from Carrsville and Windsor elementary, Georgie D. Tyler Middle School and ]WHS were called forth to be recognized. The youngsters received medals and a handshake for having earned all A’s.

A select number of the high schoolers, those who have earned and maintained a GPA of 3.75 or higher were bestowed with jackets signifying their accomplishments. Having the parents help the students put on the coat added to the poignancy of the occasion.

We applaud this ceremony as a way to further encourage academics. For far too long, it seems to us, athletics has been raised on a pedestal while scholarship was granted second place.

We hope other school divisions will look at what their neighbors have done and see if there are aspects worth copying.