Just breathe

Published 11:01 am Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Six days until the election.

Is there anyone in America who wishes there were more time on that countdown clock? Is there anyone who would like to see an extra week’s worth of election ads, seven more days of mail that goes directly into the recycling bin, an additional 168 hours of television commentary about the presidential candidates?

Is there anyone still sitting on the edge of his seat, eager for some new surprise about those candidates to be revealed on the network news?

The nation is going into the tank. At least that’s what everybody who supports the other candidate says will happen if their candidate loses.

And yet, Saturday broke with sunshine and blue skies over Western Tidewater. Squirrels were busy burying their winter horde. Geese called as they flew south for the winter. Children and adults with their costumed pets paraded about in Windsor that morning. Students and parents shopped for higher learning during a college and career day at Shiloh Baptist Church in Boykins.

Life goes on. Those with a spiritual bent might say it this way: God is still in control.

Whoever wins the election, Nov. 9 will dawn much the same as Nov. 8. The only significant difference between the two days will be in how we approach them. That will be the most important choice you make that week.

Choose to live your life. Breathe. Love. Everything else is passing.