Residents feel supervisors didn’t listen to them

Published 9:53 am Wednesday, October 19, 2016

To the Editor:

Several of our neighbors attended meetings to discuss the solar panel project and to listen to the pros and cons. Some of them expressed their opinion. Some were in favor; some were not. Each person trusted that their opinion would be listened to and considered. After all, they are citizens, taxpayers and landowners in Southampton County.

Prior to and during the meetings, Dominion Power was busy at its substation just outside Boykins. The substation is quite conveniently located in the vicinity of the solar panel project. This activity obviously raised the question: Had the decision to approve the project already been made? I think the opinion of those opposed was never considered.

One person commented, “The developers and supervisors have walked all over us.”

Rumor has it that the taxpayers of this beautiful county won’t even enjoy a reduction in energy costs from this project. So we are enduring this ugliness for what? And for whom?

It’s fairly obvious that these huge “solar panel plantations” will be obsolete in a few years. Then will these ghosts be left standing in the fields for generations? We don’t get to taste the honey from the bees that pollinate these panels!

Richard and Marion Dickerson