Windsor Dukes welcome new player

Published 2:06 pm Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Although Windsor High lost to Greensville on Friday, 64-13, the game had meaning for the Dukes and the audience alike. That’s when the team had welcomed a new player that evening.

WHS instructor Roland Downing, who also serves as media liaison for football and boys track, said, “I hope you were at the homecoming game on Friday and that you stayed to the end. If you did, then you saw Grant Fabits score a touchdown. You knew that he would be in for the first snap of the game.

“However late in the game with the Dukes trailing by a big score, Grant was subbed in. The Greensville coaches had suggested that he be given the opportunity to score. This was a true show of not only sportsmanship, but [also] an understanding of the big picture.”

Fabits had been serving as the football equipment manager for the past couple of years, according to Principal Daniel Soderholm. This game, though, he put on the Number 10 jersey.

“He has been practicing with us for the last couple of weeks, and he has done a great job. You all know that I do not share much about our football program, but seeing our players help Grant and work with him has been a great sight to see,” Soderholm said. “He has practiced with us and he does every drill that he can do and he is enjoying every minute of it.

Downing added, “The support of Grant from the team was tremendous and their joy at his score was quite evident. And to be honest, there were a few eyes on the sideline that were “misting up” after the score. The coach’s comments to the players after the game were about how they earned a “win in the game of life.”

Just before the halftime whistle, the first score for the Dukes came by Nick Donovan making a 4-yard pass to Ethan Rogers.

Malik Lee had 68 yards total in rushing, with his longest at 42.

Fabits had gotten 35 yards in rushing when he made his touchdown in the second half.

In passing totals, Donovan made eight attempts with two completions, one of which made the score.

Devawn Cosbert had made two attempts with one completion.

For receiving, Jerell Kindred, Rogers and Cosbert each had one catch; Kindred got a total of 47 yards; Rogers at four and Cosbert at eight.