Isle of Wight still feeling Matthew’s effect

Published 10:51 am Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Few if any areas of Western Tidewater were unaffected by Hurricane Matthew over the weekend. Flooding occurred as a result in several areas of Isle of Wight County, such as Walters Highway at the Walters Power Equipment Store and Carrsville Highway near Parker Propane. Lt. Tommy Potter, spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office reported early Monday afternoon that both had since become passable.

“It appears the primary roads have cleared,” he said, adding that second roads are another matter.

Holly Run Drive from Pruden Road to Walters Highway sustained damaged and might be closed for an extended time.

Jenkins Mill Road and Tomlin Hill Road also have issues.

For a complete list, visit the Virginia Department of Transportation’s website:

Windsor Police Chief R.D. Riddle reported early Monday afternoon that the town had some flooding, but as of Sunday it had become passable. He added that there’s been no permanent damage to the roads.

There were no weather-related accidents, although the department did help the Sheriff’s Office with a couple of incidents outside the Windsor limits.

Also, he remembered that were only two or three vehicles that became stranded.