Broncos rebound with big Homecoming victory over Surry Cougars

Published 4:55 pm Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Franklin High School Broncos reprieved their loss last week to Park View High School with an overpowering 56-28 win over the Surry High School Cougars. Playing at Armory Drive Recreational Park football stadium on Friday, it was the Broncos’ homecoming, and even with the possibility of rain the fans were there to participate.

Yes, it is well known that down through the years the Surry Cougars have always been nicknamed the Air Cougars, but the 2016 version of the Franklin Broncos are also showing a new look and using the air as another offensive weapon to add to its diverse attack modes.

The Cougars used three different players at quarterback during the game to attempt to disguise their offensive attack with passing and running the ball. But their dominant weapon was still the air as they attempted 27 passes and completed 8 for a total of 219 yards and 3 touchdowns. Bronco quarterback Fredquon Lassiter attempted 13 passes and completed 6 for a total of 92 yards and 2 touchdowns.

The Broncos leaped out front in the first quarter of play outscoring the Cougars 28-6. Bronco quarterback Lassiter set the pace on the home team’s first possession with a 20-yard touchdown pass to Natron Lee. The Cougars answered quickly with Tramaz Tynes passing to Rodney Pierce for a whooping 81-yard touchdown. With the score tied at 6 all at 6:37, that would be the last time that the Cougars would be that close to the Broncos for the remainder of the game.

From that point the Broncos went on to add three more touchdowns for the first quarter. Alexander Allen punched a 4-yard touchdown run, while Natron Lee scored on a 47-yard touchdown punt return and finally Dashaun Butts scored on a 2-yard touchdown run. The Broncos were easily ahead 28-6 at the end of the first quarter.

The Bronco defense shut down the Cougars scoring in the second quarter, and Bronco QB Lassiter tossed a 55-yard touchdown pass to Drelyn Ford who found himself all alone for the pass reception. The half ended with the Broncos up 34-6.

The Cougars picked up the pace in the 3 quarter as they scored back to back on touchdown passes from Tynes to Pierce for 65 and 32 yards, respectively.

After the Cougars’ touchdown that closed the score to 34-20, play was stopped as game official Lee McDaniels was seen stumbling to the ground. The crew of the Franklin EMS, which was present at the game, was quickly called to the field. During the time the first responders were giving medical assistance to McDaniels, both teams assembled at mid-field and prayed together for his recovery. As the EMS staff attended to McDaniels, they called for back-up assistance that responded in minutes. McDaniels was lifted onto a stretcher and moved to one of the EMS vehicles and soon afterward transported to Southampton Memorial Hospital. It was not learned until the game was over that McDanield had been called from labor to rest.

After about the 30-minute stoppage of the game for the medical emergency, play resumed and Bronco QB Lassiter battled across the goal line for a 13-yard touchdown run. The Cougars responded quickly as Camern Bullock returned the Bronco kick-off for a 70-yard touchdown run. The third quarter ended with the Broncos on top 40-28.

The fourth quarter was all Broncos as Lassiter scored on a 3-yard quarterback keeper and Darium Everett scored on a 1-yard run.

The Broncos were led in rushing by Darium Everett with 112 yards and the team had a total of 294 rushing yards and leading in tackles was Logan Hines with four tackles.

Bronco head coach Darren Parker stated after the game, “It was a great night! We came out and executed in all four phrases of the game. We had a little slip-up coming back after the half and Surry got some plays on us, but we bounced back. We bent, but we didn’t break. We have to go back to the drawing boards and get our game plan together, we got Brunswick next week. I am excited about this group of kids, it’s a brand new group of kids and they are learning every week and we are growing together as one and, as always, God is great.”