A big salute to those in Blue

Published 8:49 am Monday, October 3, 2016

I am honored to have this opportunity to write about our City of Franklin Police. In doing so I would like to give each one a big salute. First of all to make the decision to become a police officer and the many dangers that one can face each minute, each hour and each day that they serve in that position.

When I think back on my past life, I was faced many years ago with a big career question. After dropping out of college at the then Virginia State College, I entered the United States Air Force.

At that time I did not know in which career direction that I was headed. When faced with the question of career fields I thought about one of my loves of that time, photography.

When I presented this thought to those in charge, they soon told me that I was color blind and to be a photographer a key requirement for this field was full color vision.

So at this time of enlistment, they were only looking for cooks or cops. Being faced with these two great choices, I knew immediately that I did not want to be a cop, so my remaining choice was to be a cook.

Later after completing basic training I soon received orders to be assigned to go to the war of my time, Viet-Nam. On the way to the war, I received training in California with the M-16 rifle.

On two different situations after arriving in Viet-Nam I was faced with a situation in which I and others with me were carring weapons and faced with a threat. In both situations  my finger was on the trigger and the weapon was pointed at a person.

I know for a fact, I was VERY SCARED, it flashed quickly through my mind it could be either me or that person. In those quick seconds it wouldn’t take that much to squeeze the trigger and possiblilty  end someones life. Thanks to the grace of God that on both situations that nothing happened.

When I just think about my two situations, I can see what many of our policemen of today can also be faced with. Although they are professionally trained officers, many could be in some of those situations as I was, SCARED.

So, I give much thanks to those that do put their life into a situation with the possibility of harm or death to them or others that they may encounter.

I am also, most thankful to the Police Department for the many times that staff at the Franklin Department of Parks & Recreation have had to call on them for a situation that has gotten out of hand. In all of these situations, officers quickly responded at our call of distress.

Lastly, I give a big salute to Sgt. Scott Halverson who has served as the official City of Franklin Police Department advisor to our Berkley Neighborhood Watch Group. Sgt. Halverson has been with us for about six years. He has been present for many meetings and group community activities. At each meeting, the Sgt. has shared much vavleable information that has strengthen and give us much advice on keeping our homes and community a safe place to live.

Finally, the City of Franklin is a great community to live and work in. I strongly believe that our Chief of Police Phil Hardison and the men and women of the Franklin Police Department go the extra distance to keep our community safe. They all deserve the last big salute and many, many, thank-yous for what you do.

FRANK A. DAVIS is the director of Franklin Parks and Recreation. He can be contacted at 562-2475.