Students at Meherrin Elementary pay tribute to law enforcement/First Responders

Published 9:02 am Friday, September 30, 2016

Dawson Collins
4th Grade

“I feel that it is important for our community to have police officers and first responders because they keep our communities safe. I have met many police officers because my mom works with them; my friend’s dad is a detective who also works with the police.  I’ve always liked policemen and I would always be thankful for what they do. In my school I will continue to encourage my friends to have a positive mind about the police.”
Lillian Jiggetts
4th Grade

“I feel that those who work with law enforcement protect us from burglars and they help us find our way home. There are many first responders who help us many times when you go to the beach and someone is in trouble. I can remember seeing a car accident and seeing how the police, ambulance and fire department were all there to help.

I am so grateful for all that they do to keep our community safe.”


Takirah Rooks
5th Grade

“I think that the police are great people because they protect us from burglars. I feel that it is important that we have police because if we didn’t it would be complete chaos. I really want to be a policewoman to encourage people to do right. If we all start encouraging others to do right, we would be helping out law enforcement and first responders.”


Rebekah Bury
4th  Grade

“I think that the police in our community are very safe. I like that they always do what is right. When I go to county fairs they are always there to make sure everything is running safely. Everyday I look up to them positive role models. They are placed in everyone’s life and are important for our community.

When I see law enforcement they are always looking very professional. I love to watch the news and I am always excited to hear what they are doing and what is happening. In school I encourage my friends to help out in our community by keeping it safe.”


Kellen Artis
5th Grade

“I think that law enforcement are very protective over all citizens of Virginia and our community. First responders always pick up the phone when you call and help when someone is in trouble. All police are great for risking their lives everyday for us. I think they are very brave for facing off with dangerous people.

Police are in our neighborhood and sometimes you do not even know it. I use to live beside a policeman; it was very exciting to know that I could count on somebody right next door. Police are one of the best people to count on in a bad situation.”