Officer Keith Rose, a true hero

Published 10:36 am Friday, September 30, 2016

by Rebecca Giorgi
Special Correspondent

For six years Officer Rose has served our school and community through many different ways. He was born and raised in Franklin, Virginia, where he attended Franklin High School. Upon graduating from high school, he then attended Virginia State University. Shortly after graduating from college, Officer Rose became sergeant for the Stinger Missile Unit. After some time of being part of the military, he went into the reserves, and this is where Officer Rose officially enters into law enforcement.

For 22 years, Officer Rose has faithfully served on the law enforcement. His job duties consist of monitoring, security, safety and enforcing the laws within the school. He also follows under the discretion of the principal. His favorite part of the job is counseling the many kids he has had the privilege to talk with.

As Officer Rose put it, “I refer to all of them as my own kids.”

With being able to personally interview Officer Rose, I was able to ask him if there was any life-changing events that happened over the course of his years. He refers to his father’s death as being able to make him stronger and helped him become the man he is today.

I was also able to grab some personal information on him. Aside from the busy life of the law enforcement, Officer Rose also pastors at Pine Level Baptist Church in Capron, Virginia. He’s enjoyed pastoring for 11 years now, and believes in spiritually uplifting people. He has five children and three grandchildren who he loves dearly.

He’s been happily married to his “queen” as he put it, and emphasizes it’s not everyday you find your soul mate. He loves the life he has and the man he has become over the years.

Upon gathering my own thoughts and feelings toward Officer Rose, he’s made life-changing impacts on many students he has spoke to. He has a heart for law enforcement, but also for his family and God. I enjoyed being able to laugh and talk with him, because I was able to get a better understanding on the strong man he is, and just how many kids he has become a hero to.

When I asked Officer Rose if he had any advice that he would want to give anyone, he said this: “It’s not what anyone talks about you that matters, it’s what you choose to believe that does.”