Nottoway Cougars proud of our local heroes

Published 8:50 am Friday, September 30, 2016

Nottoway Elementary School is exceedingly proud of its family members who represent the police officers and first responders of the Tidewater area.

Day and night, these individuals put their lives on the line in the name of the safety of others. Our community is a better place because of their bravery and sacrifices.

Their selfless dedication to serving our community makes them our heroes.

Thank you from Nottoway Elementary School!

“Police officers and first responders are sweet and nice. They keep us safe and I really appreciate that.”  – 4th grade student, Katelyn Gray
“Police officers and first responders protect our community. I think they are awesome!”

– 5th grade student, Brandon Edwards
“Police officers and first responders are very brave because the do dangerous things.”

– 5th grade student, Lauren Clarke
“Police officers and first responders are good for our community because they are helpful.”

– 3rd grade student, Connor Fillmore
“I think that they (police officers and first responders) are good because they help you with everything that you need and when you are hurt.”

–1st grade student, Andrew Cox
“They keep people safe. We love them”

– Kindergarten student, Reagan Johnson
“They help you when you need them.”

– Kindergarten student, Rylee Turner
“Police officers and first responders help people in the community. They are good citizens.”

– 2nd grade student, Peyton Justus
“Police officers and first responders help us make good choices. Police officers can stop people from going really really fast. I am proud of them.”

– 2nd grade student, Zechariah Artis