Letters to our First Responders

Published 8:27 am Friday, September 30, 2016

Editor’s note: The following are transcribed letters written by students at Carrsville Elementary School.

Police officer and firefiters and EMT’s are very important peple. They are very important peple because they save peple every day. Like a police officers he captures criminls and firefighters they put out fires and EMT’s they go to emergencies. All of these peple help Isle of Wight County. I think that the firefiter, polic and EMT’s need more mony that will make Isle of Wight a even better place.

Wyatt Roderick
Third Grade


The first time responders are Police Officers, Firefighters, and EMT’s. Police Officers help me and anyone else because they put bad guys in jail to learn their lesson, and help us stay safe in many ways.

Firefighters help us by putting out fires and saving peoples lives like having a heart attack, and car crashes.

EMT’s help us in many ways. Some of the ways are saving people’s lives every day and they will be there when you need them. That’s how first time responders help people like me and you.

Thank you first time responders!

Ashlynn Huff
Third Grade


Police officers, Fire Fighters, and EMT’s are helpful people. They are helpful, kind, good, and nice people.

There are many way they can help you. They can save you, catch criminals, protect you and they can save a cat in a tree. They solve crimes and they are like superheros.

As you can see, there are way Police officers, Fire Fighters, and EMT’s help us!

Frankie Cox
3rd Grade


Firefighters are helpful because they are first officer’s and firefighters need more money. Police officer’s help us cach brgulers. Firefighters help us put out fire.

Janelle Eley
Third Grade


Firemen need even more money to buy better gear and tools. EMT’s get people to the hospitl on time or something bad could happen. Police, firemen and EMT’s all help to make our cammunity a better place and keep people safe!

Josh Farley
Third Grade


My experience was at school we had first resonder come to school! The teachers said you mite have a gift. We got gifts we all got the same thing we got a hat, coloring book, book, and raons. They teached us what to do if we had a fire. They teached us how to stop drop and roll. that was my experience with a first resonder.

Juli Evans
Third Grade


First responders are important. They save lives everyday. They are kind, and trust worthy. Police officers put criminals in jail. EMT’s save lives everyday. Firefighters put out fires to save lives.

EMT’s work together to help people.

Lilly McKenzie
Third Grade


People love first responders. And that’s not because of the color of their skin, the clothes they wear, or the vehicles they drive. It is the way they act.

They are awesome and soooo terriffic and, most of all, real.

Rebecca St. Peter
Third Grade