From the heart of fourth graders at CES

Published 8:35 am Friday, September 30, 2016

by Catina Woodley

The fourth graders at Capron Elementary School had a discussion about first responders. The students quickly identified police officers, rescue squad team and fire fighters.  The students worked in groups to discuss the importance of first responders.

The following are some of their responses:

“Without firefighters there wouldn’t be as many people alive today. They help save lives from possible death during a fire. No one can put out a fire like they can.”

“Firemen save lives everyday.”

“Police officers prevent criminals from getting away and stop them from robbing others. “

“Without the rescue squad workers, people would be in danger.  If people need someone to help them during an accident, people would be really hurt with no ambulance.”

In conclusion, there was a student who shared his feelings, “If there is no firefighters, a tree would catch on fire; then the forest would catch on fire; then the whole world would caught on fire; and it would be a tiny ball. “