First Responders in Windsor are valued part of community

Published 10:43 am Friday, September 30, 2016

To the Editor:

As we are closing September, the month of the devastating “9-11” attacks, I think it is appropriate to consider how important our safety is to us as individuals and as a nation. After all, if we do not feel safe where we live, nothing else in this life matters much.

At this point one realizes that First Responders are an important key to keeping the public safe and must be a valued, integral part of the community. In a small town it is easier for First Responders to have a good relationship with the residents which leads to trust and respect. Many larger cities that are experiencing difficulties between First Responders and citizens are just realizing what those of us fortunate enough to live in a small town like Windsor already knew from personal experiences. Now the question for larger municipalities is how this can be accomplished on a much larger scale. (Another reminder of why I love being the mayor of a small town!)

As I think back over the last nine years on council about one of these groups, the Windsor Police, many things come to mind that I have had the joy of observing. For instance, I remember the police doing a Christmas Toy Drive each year and trying to make sure that every small child would have presents on Christmas morning; holding a “Touch-a-Truck” event and enjoying the excitement of the children as they climbed into and over the large vehicles; laughing and playing basketball with adolescents and teenagers; fixing a leak underneath the sink for a senior citizen who had no money to call a plumber; doing checks at night at businesses to make sure they are safe; and responding so quickly when called,  or as one resident said “He was there by the time I ended my call for help and went to the door.” Making these instances more impressive is the fact that Council never directed our police to do any of this, and I could have chosen any of our First Responder groups with other things they have done simply because they all care about each individual. That is why they are loved and valued so much and why we know we can trust them to keep us safe.


Carita Richardson
Mayor of Windsor