Keeping the traffic flowing

Published 12:21 pm Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Franklin Police, Virginia State troopers, Southampton County deputies and members of the Virginia Department of Transportation demonstrated quick, efficient action on Thursday when flooding resulted from the excessive amount of rain that’s come down in Western Tidewater over the past week.

For example, the water accumulated to the point where parts of Route 58 were impassable, forcing lengthy, but not unreasonable detours.
There they were: officers expertly directing traffic and VDOT workers setting up road blocks to ensure no one would inadvertently put themselves in a pool of water. All this to keep the traffic flowing and everyone as safe as possible.

We should add that the first responders of fire and rescue were also prepared to assist when and where necessary.
This area is fortunate to have people who know how to act when nature disrupts our lives.