County Fair attracts talent

Published 10:50 am Friday, September 16, 2016

Even though it’s Saturday, there’s still plenty of time to visit the Isle of Wight County Fair. Lots of music, food, rides, exhibits and attractions await.

Attending the event doesn’t just put money in other people’s pockets. It’s a venue for residents to show off their skills and talents in a variety of ways ranging from agriculture to the rodeo. We couldn’t think of a word beginning with ‘z’ that would be appropriate.

Visiting the site on Wednesday morning, one could see people everywhere getting things in order, including grounds maintenance, stages and displays of arts and crafts. As with Franklin and Southampton, it’s events like this Fair where you realize how many creative people there are in Western Tidewater. Lucky us.

We are hopeful the weather will be merciful — not too hot and certainly not too rainy.

Come out to the Fair and experience yet another reason why this region is a great place to live.