Peanut Pod Blasting Clinics set for month of September

Published 4:46 pm Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Happy September!

We have been really busy here at the office, but I wanted to touch base with everyone. I plan on sending newsletters out every two months. If you would rather have an electronic copy, please let me know and I will make it happen. If you have a new address, please let us know as well.

I am working on meeting everyone in the county and I have met several producers at the fair and over the past few weeks on farm visits. I will meet everyone eventually, but I apologize it has taken me so long.

On another note, we need some rain! I am looking at the forecast and we may get some rain late this week. Let’s hope, right?

Please contact me if you have any questions at or at 653-2572.

Peanut Pod Blasting Clinics

There will be two peanut pod blasting clinics conducted this year in order to determine optimum peanut digging dates. The first clinic is conducted by Janet Spencer (Isle of Wight, ANR) Monday, Sept. 12, at at 8 a.m. on Indika Farms in Windsor. The second clinic is at the Southampton Fair Grounds (by the Horticulture Building) on Monday, Sept. 19, at 8 a.m. Please bring peanuts already pulled off the vines. We will blast your samples and determine the best optimum digging date for your particular fields.

Peanut Update

We are in a high risk for SCL (Sclerotinia) right now in Southeast Virginia. Please scout your fields to see if you have any trace of SCL. Several treatments are available for this and you can contact your local extension office for information. For more information on the last effective spray date and more please visit the Peanut-Cotton Info Net at or the 2016 VA Peanut Production Guide at

Pest Jug Collection

We can now take pest jugs at the fairgrounds to granulate in early November. Please call Livvy to set up a time to meet at the fairgrounds to drop them off. They must be triple rinsed, have the label removed, and have the top removed.

Cotton Update

Many of you have probably sprayed once in cotton, but our next issue is the bollworm. The best way to inspect for bollworms is by scouting your field. The best place to scout in your cotton crop would be under the terminals and under the flowers for live worms or damage. Dr. [Ames] Herbert recommends adding a pyrethroid to the worm product to clean up any plant bugs or stink bugs that may be in your crop. For the full report, visit

Corn Earworm Update

We are seeing an increase in corn earworm moths in our blacklight trap in Courtland, but the average around the state is still pretty low. The pheromone traps have seen increasing numbers with a significant number being caught in Suffolk and Franklin. With this being said, please monitor your cotton and soybean fields. To keep up with the most recent data, visit the blog by the Tidewater AREC.

Upcoming Events

• The Courtland Farmers Market Produce Auctions: Thursday nights at 6:30 at 24540 Agri Park Drive in Courtland (Behind Food Lion). For more information, call the market office at 653-0728. The market will run until Thursday, Oct. 20.

• Isle of Wight County Fair: Sept.15-18th at the Fairgrounds; 21311 Courthouse Hwy, Windsor. For more information, contact 357-2291 or check out their Facebook page: Isle of Wight County Fair.

Mark your calendars and more information to come…

• Dec. 8, 13: Private Pesticide and CAT 90 Southampton County Recertification

• Jan. 30: Southampton County Peanut and Cotton Banquet

• Feb. 14: Peanut Production Meeting at the Southampton County Fairgrounds

Livvy Preisser is the extension agent for Southampton County. Contact her at 653-2572