Checking in at the principal’s office

Published 5:31 pm Wednesday, September 7, 2016


The day most kids dread and most parents look forward to came on Tuesday: the first day of school.

As I sat in the front office of S.P. Morton Elementary, there was the usual hustle and bustle of parents and teachers getting kids to classes and the phone of the front office ringing off the hook. Dr. Sherie Davis walked up and greeted me with a smile and handshake. The new principal led me to her office and began telling me all about how the opening day was going and her first day as an elementary principal.

“Today has been a great, smooth opening to school. We have had all the right people in place getting kids to their classrooms and into their routine,w” she said as she sat down at her desk. “The buses ran smoothly and everyone arrived to school safely and without a problem.”

Davis has worked in both middle school and high school settings before, but this will be her first elementary school experience.

I asked her what she was looking forward to most this year and she simply said, “I’m looking forward to this being the best year ever. I love the family concept here; we are all like one big family.

“The teachers empower the students to be successful and we really just all work together as a family building the foundation of excellence.”