School Board, Council have new opportunity to cooperate

Published 11:41 am Friday, August 26, 2016

Next week, the Franklin School Board and City Council will hold a special called meeting, which has the potential for a positive impact on student education in the city.

The goal, according to the information on a notice that was sent out from the school division, “is to discuss communication, collaboration and transparency between the School Board and the City Council.”

This comes at a fortuitous time for both parties. There’s a new board chairwoman and a new mayor, and therefore it’s a clean slate where leadership is concerned.

Further, each can develop a new working relationship between the two organizations, and make repairs to a bridge of trust that’s been damaged of late.

We strongly encourage the board and council to seize this opportunity to genuinely work together, and not just show up for appearances’ sake.

If both the board and council truly have the children’s interests at heart, they will put their thoughts and words into positive actions for all to witness.