Band has meaning for members of 7100

Published 11:53 am Friday, August 26, 2016

The number 7100 — no commas, please — doesn’t have any popular significance; it’s not historical, mystical or even prime. But it does mean a lot to the members of the local band that call themselves 7100.

Kevin Cribb said its his home address on Gates Road in Suffolk, and the site of where three different bands practice and jam. The 42-year-old of Cribbs Construction said he built the place with his own two hands.

Cribb, who grew up in Branchville, plays guitars and sings. Brandon Wheeler of Carrsville plays bass; Chris Johnson of Sedley, lead guitar; Timothy Davis of Como, North Carolina, on guitar, keyboards and vocals; Shelton Walton of Drewryville, drummer; and Tim Flanagan, manager.

Being in 7100 has been more than just going from one gig to the next.

“Everybody’s had life-changing events recently,” said Cribb. “It’s been a healing process for all of us.”

Although a lot of covers are played, the band won’t define itself by performing just one style. The 7100 offers rock, Southern Rock — yes, there’s a difference — country and even Christian.

The latter genre has its roots in Cribb’s own background. His father, William, is a retired pastor from Burdette Baptist Church.

“My grandparents were musical; grandma played piano and organ; grandpa played guitar; dad was a singer,” Cribb said. “I started playing in a Christian band at church, and then started my own thing. I’ve been trying since early ‘90s [to form a band]. I’ve always loved live music.”

While he’s had the guitar part down for many years, until recently vocals were another matter.

“I’ve always wanted to sing, and had been praying to God to [help me to] sing,” he said. “It took me a long time to lean on the Lord.”

Some months ago, that ability finally came through, according to Wheeler who said he saw and heard it for himself.

The band formed in two weeks time and Got an offer to soon after. The first show was on May 18 during the Big Boy Toy Expo, courtesy of 99.3. The Bull.

Wheeler, who was present for the interview, has grown up in Carrsville his whole life. The 30-year-old also comes from a musical background.

“I’ve always loved listening to music: oldies, rock, alternative,” he said. “My granddad Thomas Britt was one of my influences. He played music around here and people know him.”

Cousin Chris Johnson got him in the band.

Speaking of which, 7100 will perform during the “Show Me” Tour, which takes place on Saturday, Aug. 27, in the auditorium of the Jefcoat Museum, 210 High St., Murfreesboro, North Carolina. Flanagan, who also goes by the moniker “Damn Yankee,” will open his comedy antics. He had this to say about 7100:

“When I met Kevin and the guys about a year ago, it was so weird how it happened. I saw them at lunch in a Subway. I gave them my card, I work for 99.3, and one thing led to another. They are good-hearted guys. Their songs have meaning behind them. Their sound is very original. They are just family guys.”

The show begins at 7 p.m. General admission is $15; VIP at $25. Tickets are available at the door or by calling 252-396-1780. They’re also online at

You can learn more about 7100 by going to the band’s Facebook page or checking out their videos on YouTube.